7 Ways You May Sabotage Your Wedding ...


It is good to be aware of some ways you may sabotage your wedding. That is the last thing that you want to do. You are in love with your soon-to-be husband and want to have a beautiful future together. It is important to make sure that you avoid these ways you may sabotage your wedding.

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Becoming a Bridezilla

One of the ways you may sabotage your wedding is becoming a bridezilla. A bridezilla is basically a term for a bride that gets so wrapped up in her wedding and herself that she doesn’t care about the feelings of others around her. This is something very preventable. You will not become a bridezilla if you continue to be the same caring person that you have always been. Remember that your wedding is only one day but your marriage should be forever.


Ignoring Your Groom’s Opinions

Ignoring your groom’s opinions about the wedding is another way to sabotage it. Your groom may not fight you over getting his way but he may be hurt or disappointed. And you certainly need to have your opinions and preferences honored also. There may be things you need to compromise on. Having a wedding that is the way you both want it to be is important.


Being Rude to Those Who Service You

Mistreating those that are providing a service for you is not a good thing. This would apply to your florist, caterer, wedding planner and all other related personnel. While it is absolutely acceptable to insist on first rate service, there is never a need to be rude or mistreat others. You will not gain any friends that way. You will most likely get more accomplished by being kind and easy to work with.


Letting Circumstances Control You

This is a good lesson for every aspect of life. It is wise to learn the lesson of not letting your circumstances control you. This is a wonderful thing to remember during your wedding. More than likely something will not go right during the process. It is better to deal with it logically than emotionally, which is usually what happens when circumstances control you.


Mistreating Your Wedding Party

Here is the deal, ladies. You need those girls to walk down the aisle with you. This is not the time to bicker over little things. If you must bicker, save that for when the wedding is over with. Appreciate your wedding party and they will more than likely be happy to shower you with assistance in any way they can help.


Not Listening to Others

Of course you can still make your own decisions; it is your wedding after all. But it is possible that someone else has a good idea. At least be willing to listen to them. You can still follow your original plan if you wish. But listening to them could give you the very solution you have been searching for to a problem.


Forgetting Marriage Follows a Wedding

Sometimes it is possible to get so wrapped up in the wedding that you forget a marriage will follow it. The marriage is what really matters. Weddings can be beautiful, memorable and touching in so many ways, but they are but one day in your life. Your marriage will be the rest of your life. It is wise to spend some time thinking about and talking over this new exciting chapter you will experience together.

These are some common ways you may accidentally sabotage your wedding. What are some other ways you know this can happen? Share your thoughts with us!

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Nice article :)

in the UK

You may wish to rewrite Point 3 as the phrase 'service you' means 'something that ONLY THE GROOM should be doing to the bride! If other people are servicing the bride, the wedding should not really be taking place!! Good article though

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