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7 Simple Ways to Cut down Your Wedding Expenses ...

By Erika

A wedding should be a celebration of your love but the planning process is such a roller coaster that it can often burn a deep hole in your pocket, if you're not paying attention. So, how do you cut down your wedding expenses? Erika tells you how! Thanks Erika!

Getting married to the love of your life is such an amazing feeling. But who said love doesn't cost a thing? The average amount a couple spends for just one day is about $26,000! I can help you to find sneaky ways in cutting that amount down to at least $6,110.

Table of contents:

  1. Wedding dress
  2. Camera & instagramin'
  3. Priest or not to priest
  4. Music
  5. Dance!
  6. Decorations, decorations or decorations!
  7. Catering

1 Wedding Dress

I know how important it is to have the perfect dress. You want to look fabulous since you will have these pictures of you in it forever. Let's not forget how sentimental this dress could be for a girl when it's all she ever dreamed of! The average dress costs around $2,000-$3,000. Keep in mind you will only wear this dress for one day. Got to a consignment in your city, Ebay or These dresses have been gently used and can find one for as low as $300! There are plenty of websites to check out.

2 Camera & Instagramin'

Another way to save money is buy not hiring a professional videographer and photographer. This alone is about $3,000! If getting a professional is not within your budget, buy a Panasonic AG DV20 Camcorder and a stand for it. Another interesting way to take pictures is to create a hashtag on Instagram and let your guests take pictures through their eyes. Everyone with an Instagram account will be able to see your wedding pictures!

3 Priest or Not to Priest

Officiants can cost between $100-$270. I'll admit this isn't as romantic, but one of your friends can get a basic ordination online for only $60! Plus if it's not your friend maybe the father of the bride! That can have an amazing sentimental value.

4 Music

A DJ can cost about a $1,000. A cheaper alternative would be to just buy some speakers and connect your Mac or laptop and just play music! Remember on the RSVP invites to ask each of your guests to request one song.

5 Dance!

Who needs dance lessons? Those can cost about $6,000 for just six months! A cheaper alternative is to watch videos on Youtube. There are always "How To's" on Youtube and the best part's free!

6 Decorations, Decorations or Decorations!

Decorations are important. But as a bargain shopper, I know of great websites that can cut your cost about in half. On Etsy.Com, you can get 16 custom velvet rose centerpeices for only $800. There are also a lot of DIY's on Pinterest, so go make an account and check out their wedding section!

7 Catering

Catering is a good chunk of your budget! Catering can cost about $11,000! The worst thing about catering is that at the end of the night, some of us are guilty of saying, "The food wasn't great." A cheaper alternative is to have a Pot Luck Reception! Family and friends get to bring homemade food in a dish that they would like to give away to the bride and groom. The best thing about it is that everyone loves homemade food. The most you would have to buy is some drinks and maybe brownies for dessert!

There you have it! Seven sneaky ways to cut your wedding expenses to about $6,000! You don't want to start your marriage bankrupt. I have heard of couples going under this budget! Have any of you guys planned a wedding with a strict budget?

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