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7 Super Fabulous Wedding Blogs That You Will Fall in Love with ...

By Heather

Wedding bells are nowhere in my near future to my detriment, however many of my friends getting hitched are falling in love with some pretty fabulous wedding blogs in preparation for their day. Since many of you are getting ready for your big day as well, I thought I would highlight a few of the best blogs and favorites among many, which might be able to give you some inspiration. If nothing else, you can at least pin these fabulous wedding blogs to a secret Pinterest board for future use or just to daydream! Some of these blogs can also help you if you’re throwing a bridal shower, or acting as a bridesmaid in a wedding. So if you’re not ready to walk down the aisle, you can still help your family member or best friend get ready for her big day or be the hottest and most prepared bridesmaid anyone could ask for!

1 Style Me Pretty
This is known as the ultimate wedding blog of all fabulous wedding blogs to follow. It brings stylish weddings to a new level and for the fifth year in a row has made the number one spot on the Top 100 Wedding Blogs hosted by Style Me Pretty is a gorgeous site to visit, but also a very useful one. They cover fashion, vendors, wedding ideas, galleries of weddings, and even have their own magazine if you’re interested.

2 Green Wedding Shoes
Think of this site as wedding version of Tumblr. This blog is nothing but photos, but gosh, are they gorgeous! I found myself pinning almost all the images shamelessly. Green Wedding Shoes is a great website for ideas and inspiration, and they also have tons of unique vendors and resources on their site that you can visit directly. If nothing else, indulge yourself in their Pinterest account where you can collect ideas for your big day.

3 100 Layer Cake
This website is a favorite among women planning their own wedding due to its unique resources and thoughtful, modern and crafty style. The idea is to craft your wedding layer by layer, just like the cake, and they have every idea covered from your shoes to the cake; trust me! The photos here are also lovely and excellent for inspiration.

4 Wedding Chicks
This website is a go-to if you want your own DIY ideas and more. The website even offers free printables for your wedding day and a large variety of ideas and inspiration. Did I mention the wedding photos on this blog are to die for? They also have tons of great venues you can view on their website to get ideas from multiple sources, and you can shop directly on their site for these sources.

5 The Perfect Palette
I think is perhaps my favorite bridal blog of all the ones recommended to me. The Perfect Palette is all about helping you find the right color for your wedding! Obviously this is a crucial step, right, girls? I mean, we have to have the perfect colors on the right day, and have them match accordingly! This website is just to die for! You can also use it for parties, not just for weddings. As you pick from a variety of hues and match up palettes for your wedding, you're essentially building your own of everything from the variety of hues on this site. I absolutely adore the thoroughness of this blog. You can pick from apparel, stationery, decorations, tableware, accents, and just about anything else to have everything match perfectly. Check them out to at least get some ideas for your upcoming day, or you could even get color ideas for other types of events you want to be perfectly colored as well.

6 One Fab Day
Whoo! Talk about full coverage; this blog has it. If you’re in the neighborhood for wedding shopping, then your stop is right here on this website. Here on One Fab Day, you’ll not only find gorgeous inspiration for wedding décor, apparel and more, but also a thorough list of vendors for weddings. You can search each of the following arenas to find vendor sources in your wedding choice area: wedding bands, bridal shops, cakes and sweets, catering, ceremony music, accessories, grooms wear, photographers, florists, hairstylists, makeup and beauty, health and beauty, décor, wedding help hiring services, DJs, venues, stationery, videographers, transportation services, wedding planners, weddings abroad and wedding services of variable kinds. No need to go to multiple sites with this useful, and I must say, gorgeous wedding blog!

Now this website is one I’m on board with as a not-so-soon bride to be, but ultimate bridesmaid candidate of the moment! is owned and operated by The Dessy Group, a leader in the wedding fashion apparel world. Here, bridesmaids are given special attention through dress options, hair options, jewelry accessories and special tips for being a great bridesmaid on your friend or family member’s special day. They also have awesome decorating tips I like to get ideas for. Plus, if nothing else, their website is the ultimate girly website to get you inspired, drenched in pinks and floral colors. Let’s just hope this isn’t the only wedding blog I ever use for my future!

Looking at wedding blogs is actually kind of fun, even if you’re not getting married. I love all the handy bridesmaid tips I found, and as a decorating and styling junkie, these websites were awesome for planning ideas. Are you in an upcoming wedding or do you follow wedding blogs on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook? If so, share your favorites!


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