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There are many reasons to choose a previously worn wedding dress. Each reason is unique and depends on each individual bride. If you are on the fence about purchasing a new wedding dress or wearing a previously worn wedding dress, these are some reasons you may wish to consider. One of them just may ring a bell and sound like the right one to you.

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You Love Vintage Style

One reason to choose a previously worn wedding dress is because you love vintage style. While I did not wear a wedding dress that had vintage style, I can certainly understand choosing a previously worn wedding dress for this reason. Vintage style is just lovely. If you tend toward clothing that has the look of days gone by, this may be a reason you make this choice. Wedding dresses of times past have a very nostalgic feel.


It Fits the Budget Better

Let’s face it. New wedding dresses aren’t cheap. It isn’t a secret that they can cost up in the thousands of dollars. A previously worn wedding dress can be just a fraction of that or even free. If you are trying to watch your wedding budget, this may be one way to do so.


There is a Sentimental Attachment

Sometimes women choose a previously worn wedding dress because they have a sentimental attachment to the dress. It could be a situation where their mother or someone else they are close to wore it at their own wedding. You can also choose to wear a previously worn wedding dress but put your own modern spin on it. You could have the dress updated. This is a way of having both the old and the new.


You Truly Love It

Sometimes you just fall in love with a dress and know it is the one for you. When you find that dress, it usually doesn’t matter if it is old or new. If you have fallen in love with a previously worn wedding dress, then it’s the one you are meant to wear. Other factors can be beneficial to you, such as getting the dress at a lower cost. But in the end, knowing it is the one is reason enough.


It’s the Green Choice

Some women are very conscious of their carbon footprint. Choosing a previously worn wedding dress is the green choice. It is saving a purchase you would make for a new article of clothing. You can feel good about making the green choice. Whether you choose to buy new or previously worn, you can make another green choice by passing your wedding dress on to someone else after your wedding.


It Will Be Unique

A previously worn wedding dress will have a unique flair. It will not be the same as the styles of today’s wedding dresses. This is truer still as the age of the dress dates further back. You can pride yourself on wearing a very unique creation. The style could be completely different with a previously worn wedding dress.


It Suits You

Sometimes a dress just suits you. You know it’s the one. Other people remark that it is the one. It may not even be the one you love the most but it is a choice that is very flattering to you. This is another of the reasons that you may choose to go with a previously worn wedding dress.

There are many various reasons you might choose to wear a previously worn wedding dress. What are your thoughts on this subject? Is it an option for you?

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i personaly prefer new

Hmm true but it's also okay to have a dress if your own for exactly the opposite reasons.

I found my dress used and it was only used for a fashion show. $3000 price tag and I got it for just under $1000.

I have an old soul . . . So therefore it is most definitely an option for me. Your article has inspired me to remember to just be myself and do my thing on one of the most personal upcoming occasions of my life. Thank you for that!

It's a wise choice to wear a previously worn dress, cos it will cut down on your expenses

I'd prefer a new dress

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