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22 Stunning Wedding Aisle Ideas for Your Big Day ...

By Eliza

If you're deep in the middle of planning your big day, wedding aisle ideas shouldn't slip your mind. It's easy to get caught up in choosing your food, breaking in your shoes and making sure the flowers are just right. But the aisle is the first thing people see when they arrive at your wedding and it's going to be the backdrop for tons of your photos as you take the most important walk of your life. To make your planning easier, I've collected some beautiful wedding aisle ideas to help inspire you. You're going to love these! The only problem will be choosing which one you love best.

1 Flower Pattern

Flower Pattern Via 31 Impossibly Romantic Wedding Ideas
This is one of those wedding aisle ideas that make for stunning photos.These carefully arranged flower petals are a lovely addition to your wedding day.

2 White and Pink

White and Pink Via World’s Most Incredible Wedding Aisles ...
The combination of white candles and pink flower petals is so romantic. This is perfect for an indoor evening wedding.

3 Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding Via Custom Made Wine Glasses Bride ...
No matter what season you're getting married in, use what nature has to offer to create a great wedding aisle that no one will ever forget.

4 Rustic Wedding Flowers

Rustic Wedding Flowers Via Retro Vintage Style Wedding - ...
A country wedding couldn't be more complete than if you add tins of white flowers. Pretty, isn't it?

5 A Little Bit Country

A Little Bit Country Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...
Speaking of a country wedding, this set up would be gorgeous too.

6 Scattered Purple

Scattered Purple Via Purple Passion
Purple was one of my wedding colors so I absolutely love this. If you can find purple roses, what better way to use the petals?

7 Glass Lanterns and Flower Bouquets

Glass Lanterns and Flower Bouquets This is a great idea for a church wedding. It adds romance and ambiance for you and your guests.

8 Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights Via 10 Tissue Paper Pom Pom ...
You can never go wrong with white fairy lights. This is a perfect choice for a night wedding.

9 On Bishops Hooks with Ribbons

On Bishops Hooks with Ribbons Via How to Save Money on ...
These adorable little lanterns look wonderful paired with the flowers and ribbon, don't you think?

10 Scattered Seashells

Scattered Seashells Via A Lowcountry Wedding - Charleston, ...
Nothing could be more perfect for a seaside wedding than shells down the aisle.

11 Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves Via Wedding Photos - Wedding Pictures ...
Fall leaves make a lovely alternative to fresh flower petals for an autumn wedding.

12 Hydrangea Sprays

Hydrangea Sprays Via Hydrangea as church wedding aisle ...
I think it's really cute to tie a small sprig of flowers to the end of each church pew.

13 Tiny Bottles

Tiny Bottles Via Bohemian Wedding Trends
Of course, these tiny bottles as vases are totally perfect too. Hang them on the ends of each row.

14 Floating Candles

Floating Candles Via Candlelit Aisle
Match some floating candles and flowers to your aisle runner for a customized look that is beautiful.

15 Aisle Curtains

Aisle Curtains Via 101 Ways to Personalize Your ...
These stunning white curtains make for one breathtaking aisle for the bride. The chandelier is absolutely perfect too.

16 Personalized Aisle Runner

Personalized Aisle Runner Via 31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas
Decorate your aisle runner with photos or quotes that mean something to you. It will give your guests a great conversation starter while they wait for the big event.

17 Romantic Saying

Romantic Saying Via Classic Aisle Runner
Or you could buy a premade one with a saying that coordinates with your feel for the day.

18 Hearts on Sticks

Hearts on Sticks Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
These would be so easy to push into the ground. And you could give them away as favors when the big day is finished.

19 Flowers to Toss

Flowers to Toss Via
Attach these cute cones filled with flower petals on the ends of each row so your guests can toss them as you walk by.

20 Colored Rose Petals

Colored Rose Petals Via 31 Impossibly Romantic Wedding Ideas
The white version of this at the top is great, but this mixed color one is awesome too.

21 Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance Via 13 Genius Places To Hang ...
What bride wouldn't want to enter her wedding through this stunning doorway?

22 Open Doors

Open Doors Via Destination Wedding at Historic Cedarwood ...
This is a fun way to emulate church doors for an outdoor wedding.

When is your big day? Have you even considered what you're going to do with the aisle? I hope these ideas helped you make a choice. Which one is your favorite?

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