Watch This Groom's Unique Wedding Vows to His Bride ...

By Holly

Watch This Groom's Unique Wedding Vows to His Bride ...

If you've been on lately, you might've seen this epic post about a groom serenading his bride on their wedding day--well, kind of. Since the man struggles to express his emotions, he decides to lip sync songs from Grease, Boys II Men, and Ed Sheeran instead of giving traditional vows. Watch it for yourself right here:

Now that's a creative way to spice up your wedding. Would you be impressed if your man did something like this, or annoyed by it?

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I want something like that to happen to me at my wedding. I don't get embarrassed easily. At all. Love love love it!!!!

Now that was spectacular.

C'est exact

I'm so embarrassed. I would be embarrassed

I would be super annoyed because it's so embarrassing At least he doesn't he crazy thing when we get home not infront of ppl

cutest video ever.❤️

And that my darling is how wedding vows should go 💖

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