8 Crazy Ideas for a Wedding Venue ...

If you thought that getting married in the church is old and boring or getting married on the beach is passΓ©, here is a list I have compiled of some exciting or should I say crazy places to tie the knot. So here goes the 8 crazy ideas for a wedding venue.

1. In a Coffin

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β€˜Till death do us part’ is one of the most recognized phrases of a wedding ceremony. Make it literal by getting married in a large sized double coffin. Of course, many of your guests will likely blanch at the idea, but you will sure get a kick out of it.

2. Under the Water

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This has been done before, but it still qualifies as one of the crazy ideas for a wedding venue. The wedding takes place not around the pool, but in the pool. For couples who love water activities, this could be a perfect wedding setup.

3. On a Mountain Top

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If you and your soon to be spouse are big fans of trekking, hiking or mountain climbing, this could be a great venue for a wedding. If you happen to live in California, getting married while climbing a redwood tree could be great too. One big advantage is that in either case, there will not be too many wedding guests.

4. In a Telephone Booth

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If you and your fiancΓ© are big comics fan and superman happens to be one of your favorite comics, get married in a telephone booth. Who knows, your fiancΓ© may be Clark Kent, after all!

5. Standing on a Plane

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This is certainly one of the more crazy ideas for a wedding venue. A couple in Wales actually got married while standing on top of a biplane. The bride, groom and the vicar each had a plane of their own and the vicar read the wedding vows through a microphone. They were pronounced husband and wife literally in the clouds!

6. In a Lighthouse

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If the idea of a lighthouse fills you up with romantic notions, perhaps that is where you should tie the knot. You can easily find a lighthouse to get married in with the help of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

7. In the Jungle

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Get married in the jungle, a la Tarzan and Jane. Maybe, you can even get suspension ropes and get married while swinging in the trees. Just make sure there are no man eating animals in the jungle of your choice.

8. Football Stadium, Golf Course or Basketball Court

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For fans of these games, what better place can there be to get married? However, you must keep in mind that the stadiums can be expensive as a venue, but more importantly, you will need a lot of guests to make the venue look reasonably filled.

Most of these ideas are tried and tested, but if you are going to opt for any of these 8 crazy ideas for a wedding venue, it is best if you take professional help with regard to planning and safety.

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