10 Style Tips on What to Wear to a Wedding ...

What To Wear To A Wedding is a common dilemma. Most wedding invitations specify a dress code – black tie, formal, cocktail, smart casual etc. If a dress code is not specified then a demure cocktail-length dress or neutral pant suit will often do the trick. When choosing what to wear to a wedding, it’s important to choose an outfit that is dressy, but also something that you are comfortable in. Below are a few helpful guidelines on what to wear to a wedding.

1. The Dress

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In most cases, a cocktail length dress will do the trick. Choose a demure, feminine style that is wells suited to the occasion. Avoid anything too tight or too shiny. If the wedding is outdoors and during the day, then shorter dresses are also acceptable. If the wedding is a formal or black tie event then a gown may be in order.

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