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Fall is a gorgeous time of year to get married, but the dress you choose is likely to be different from one you'd wear in the summer. You want to select a dress that will keep you warm if the temperature dips, but not so hot that you're uncomfortable on your big day. If you live somewhere warm, you can probably pull off something with short sleeves. Wondering what might work for a fall wedding? Take your pick from these glamorous gowns.

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A Long Veil Can Add Warmth

A Long Veil Can Add Warmth


You Can't Go Wrong with Lace

You Can't Go Wrong with Lace


You'll Love Cap Sleeves

You'll Love Cap Sleeves


A Simple Flared Skirt

A Simple Flared Skirt


Simple Dress Matched with a Simple Veil


Fitted and Fabulous

Fitted and Fabulous Do you see the dress you want to wear for your fall wedding?

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Beautiful dresses!

I just LOVE fall weddings!! So pretty

Lovely, except I would never wear a wrap with a wedding dress.

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