Gorgeous Wedding Gowns from across Asia ...

By Holly

Gorgeous Wedding Gowns from across Asia ...

When you imagine a wedding dress, you probably think of a long, poofy white dress. Of course, there are plenty of other types of gowns that you could wear on your big day.

If you're looking for ideas, you should search outside of your own country. Try checking out some dresses from across Asia. They have some pretty gorgeous gowns that you might want to wear yourself one day.

BuzzFeed has a collection of them that you're going to love to see! Check out the video right here:

Which one of these wedding dresses would you love to wear on your big day?

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I kinda like the one from Afghanistan.

Women' s coquetry is so creative! We're so fortunate of being women!

I loved the first one!

Well the indian dresses are worth wearing. But they do not wear suits in wedding as you showed in 2nd one. But their dresses can be heavy embroided and upto 30kg. But lovelllyyy dresses anyways!!

Gorgeous gosh I don't know can't decide!

The white and gold one looks awesome!

Pakistani wedding dresses are worth watching!



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