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I’m sorry, but you’re lying if you don’t find yourself watching inspiring wedding videos from time to time. Every girl loves falling down the rabbit hole of inspiring wedding videos on the Internet, whether your wedding is next month or yet to be determined. No matter where you are in your wedding planning process, these videos will help inspire you so much for your own big day!

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Jackie and Michael

This wedding video is the video that originally fueled my love for inspiring wedding videos. In my opinion, it is the wedding video to end all wedding videos. I love their wedding, the song, and the love that they very obviously have for each other. If you’re looking for an inspiring wedding video, this is the Holy Grail.


Fleur and Mike

If you watch Fleur on YouTube, you probably desperately waited for this wedding video, just like I did. Personally, it was everything I expected and more. They had such a beautiful wedding day. I love watching their vlogs together as well, and I love seeing their daily lives as well as their wedding day. They are one of my favorite YouTube couples, and you’ll understand why after watching their wedding video.


The Surprise Wedding

This is the most mind-blowing wedding video I have ever come across in my entire life. Ryan planned his future wife’s entire wedding using her Pinterest boards as a reference and without her knowledge, and proposed to her on the day of the wedding. It is even crazier than it sounds. How he pulled it together is completely beyond me. Yes, it’s thirty-one minutes long, but it will feel like five. I was completely awestruck by the entire video. Although I’m sure that not many women want to give up complete control of their wedding day, this video is too mind-blowing not to check out.


Southern Hills Country Club Wedding

I’m a sucker for dads who get emotional while giving speeches at their children’s weddings, and that is a large portion of this video. Maybe that’s why I love it so much, but I really just love seeing all of the love between everyone in Brooke and Alex’s families. I especially loved watching them read their letters to each other on the morning of their wedding. You’ll get chills.


Lofty Spaces Wedding

Everything about this wedding is so beautiful, but I especially loved the way it was done. You rarely see a wedding video that cuts so many different clips of speeches given together, and so quickly. Hearing so many different family members talk about their love of the bride and groom, as well as the love they share for each other, almost made me feel like I knew them myself. I also loved watching them dance together on a rooftop before the wedding. It’s a gorgeous video worth watching.


Casey and Brandon

If you're looking for inspiration for a rustic wedding, this is the perfect video for you. Casey and Brandon had a beautifully rustic wedding, and it was gorgeously depicted in their wedding video. If you're looking for quirky wedding inspiration and are having trouble finding anything you really love, I guarantee that you will love this wedding video.


No Matter Where You Are

When I saw the title of this video and realized that the bride and groom sang their vows, I had flashbacks to an episode of Four Weddings that didn't go so well. I certainly didn't have high expectations, to say the least. This video, however, is so much more than I expected. It's such a beautiful song, and the story behind it is even cuter. If you're a musical couple looking to integrate music into your big day, this route may be perfect for you!

What’s your favorite wedding video to watch? Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new wedding videos to check out!

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