7 Ways to Give Your Wedding Some Sassy Southern Flair ...


There are so many ways to give your wedding southern flair. These are just a few of them that you could use. Hopefully they can offer you a bit of inspiration to give your wedding the southern feel that you want it to have. You may decide you love one of these ways to give your wedding southern flair.

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Serve Sweet Tea, Southern Style

Serve Sweet Tea, Southern Style Is there anything more southern than sweet tea? It is known to be the preferred beverage all throughout the south. You can easily use this as one of the ways to give your wedding southern flair. Serve it at your wedding, southern style. There are many recipes that you can find online that explain how to get that uniquely southern taste in your sweet tea. It usually involves lots of real sugar and perhaps a pinch of baking soda.


Choose a Southern Style Venue

Choose a Southern Style Venue If you want to give your wedding a southern flair, another way to do so is by the venue that you choose. Choose one that looks like something out of the south. It could be a place that reminds you of a southern style plantation. You might choose a wedding venue that has all the charm of the south. A barn setting could work, too.


Embrace the Monogram

Embrace the Monogram Monograming is something very popular in southern culture. Southerners like monograms on various things. This is easy enough to incorporate into your wedding. Choose napkins or invitations that have your monogram on them. This is also a great way to celebrate your new name.


Make up a Southern Treat Bag as Favors

Make up a Southern Treat Bag as Favors There are some things that are just uniquely southern. You could choose to make up treat bags of different little southern food treats to give out as favors. You could have someone make freshly baked cheese straws for your guests to enjoy. You could also go for more prepackaged goodies such as moon pies and RC Cola. If those things are not found locally to you, you can order them online.


Choose a Classic Ride

Choose a Classic Ride While there is no certain one way that people in the south leave their wedding, choosing a classic ride is a popular one. This is something that you can incorporate into your wedding plans no matter where you live. It is easy to see why people choose classic rides. There is a certain glamour and romance to them. Even a limo can’t capture that.


Treat Guests to Southern Hospitality

Treat Guests to Southern Hospitality Southern hospitality is magical. Once you have been treated to it, you never forget it. It leaves a very lasting impression. This is something you can certainly give your guests to give them a real taste of the south. Go out of your way to be thoughtful of their needs and comfort at your reception.


Go for a Simple Yet Elegant Style

Go for a Simple Yet Elegant Style If there is one thing southerners have, it is good taste. If you want your wedding to have southern flair, choose to go for a simple and elegant style. Think classy. This is something that anyone can do if they are careful of it. If you need advice, ask a friend that has talent in this area.

Do you long for a wedding with southern flair? Which of these ideas has inspired you? Share your thoughts here!

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