7 Tips on How to Say No to Unwanted Help during Wedding Planning ...


Do you need to know how to say no to unwanted help during your wedding planning? This is a dilemma that almost every bride faces. Most of the time people mean well, but if you aren’t careful, you can end up with too many helpers. If you're in this situation, these are some ideas for how to say no to unwanted help.

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Explain That It's Covered

One idea for how to say no to unwanted help is to explain that it's already covered. They can’t argue with this explanation. It's a very nice way to turn them down. Their feelings won’t be hurt and they can feel good about the fact that they offered. You can also seem very appreciative in saying thank you anyway.


Don’t Give Them Details

If you have a friend or family member that you know will be determined to help you whether you want help or not, it's best not to give them details. Without details they don’t have as much opportunity to poke themselves into your wedding planning. In fact, it can be best to avoid people that you know may push their way in altogether. This can help you to avoid these awkward moments. It's a lot less stress on you, too.


Don’t Invite Them to Wedding Planning Events

If you don’t want an individual to help, save yourself some trouble. Don’t invite them to wedding planning events with you. If you do, you are asking for them to be involved. Take along someone who is willing to help if you need to but make it someone will not overstep their boundaries. If your fiancé can’t make it to wedding planning event with you, choose someone you are close to that doesn’t push their way into situations.


Let Your Fiancé Handle His Family

If the overly helpful person is a member of your fiancé’s family, let him deal with them. A refusal from him will go over much better than one from you. They may hold it against you if you refuse their offer of help. You do not want to start out your marriage with in-law issues. Letting your fiancé handle them is a better choice.


Assign Them a Job

Sometimes any job will satisfy someone who's determined to help. If you suspect this will be the case, find them a job. Choose something that doesn’t matter tremendously if you're concerned they might make mistakes with it. This can give you some peace and make them happy. As long as they're feeling helpful with something, they will probably back off.


Say No Thank You

You know, it’s okay to say no thank you to someone. Sometimes being direct is the best choice. It's also the only option with some people. You probably know the type. They are usually an ultra-controlling person.


Appreciate the Thought

Even when you're frustrated with a person’s repeated attempts to help you, try to look behind that. More than likely, there is a good-hearted intention there. Usually the person really does mean well. Even someone pushy and controlling can see themselves as just being helpful. Appreciating that thought can help you to have a little more tolerance.

These are 7 tips you can use to deal with unwanted help in your wedding planning. Do you have an overly helpful person in your circle? How have you been dealing with them?

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