8 Ways to Decline a Wedding Invitation ...

By Alison

8 Ways to Decline a Wedding Invitation ...

Finding ways to decline a wedding invitation without causing offence can be very tricky. People expect an invitation to be automatically accepted. Yet weddings are not something that everyone enjoys, and there can be many good reasons why you don’t wish to attend. So here are some good ways to decline a wedding invitation …

1 Affordability

People are embarrassed to turn down an invitation on the grounds that they can’t afford it. Yet explaining that you don’t have the money is one of the best ways to decline a wedding invitation. Attending a wedding can prove very expensive, what with travel, accommodation, a gift, outfits etc. And these days we all have more essential bills to pay!

2 Distance

With the increasing trend for couples to get married in exotic locations, if they choose to invite guests it’s even more expensive for the guests to attend! Even if they don’t pick a tropical island, distance may still make it difficult. That’s a perfectly valid reason to decline.

3 Childcare

Some couples prefer not to have children at their wedding, which is their choice. However, that does make it difficult for guests who happen to have children. If you can’t arrange for sitters (and it could be a long day), then it won’t be very easy to attend the wedding!

4 Not for Me

One of the most honest and straightforward ways to decline a wedding invitation is to explain that you simply don’t enjoy weddings. Some people love them, but for others they are torture. It may not be understood, but if you don’t like weddings, why should you not say so?

5 Company

Unfortunately, family politics can often surface at occasions like weddings. It may be the case that you don’t get on at all well with another relative. It can be better to stay away rather than get involved in disagreements, especially if you aren’t that keen on being there anyway. You don't have to name names, but if you say you'd like to stay away because you don't want to risk a fight, that's perfectly fine.

6 Inappropriate

Sometimes it’s not that appropriate to attend a wedding, even if you get an invitation. Suppose you used to date the groom, or you don’t like the bride. In circumstances like these, it may be better to decline the invitation and avoid any potential for unpleasantness or awkward situations.

7 Previous Commitments

Perhaps the best of all ways to decline a wedding invitation is to explain that you have prior commitments. This will not cause offence, and is quite understandable. After all, you can’t be in two places at once!

8 Time off

You may also have to turn down an invitation because you are unable to get time off work, especially if the wedding is taking place a long distance from where you live. Again, this is one of the best ways to turn down an invitation without causing offence.

Some people get very excited about weddings, but it's not something that everyone enjoys, and you should never feel obliged to attend. If you really aren't interested, you can’t afford it, or it’s not practical, then it’s reasonable to say no. There’s no point travelling for hours and spending money you can’t afford to sit through something you won’t enjoy. Have you ever used any inventive ways to decline a wedding invitation?

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