10 of the Best Classic Wedding Songs...


10 of the Best Classic Wedding Songs...
10 of the Best Classic Wedding Songs...

There are some wedding songs that make us say, "What were they thinking?" and others that just melt our hearts time and time again. For me it's Etta James', "At Last", that makes my heart sing every time I hear it. Check out these 10 of the Best Classic Wedding Songs to see if your favorite made the list...

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"Unforgettable": Nat King Cole...

My good friend Katie from Vintage Vinyl Journals came up with the idea for the post so I thought I'd ask her what her favorite classic wedding song was. From Katie, ""Unforgettable by Nat King Cole is one of my favorite love songs. It is classic and timeless and makes a great choice for a couples first dance song. This song speaks of the undying love that the newlyweds feel for one another and how the couple and their mutual love are remarkable and treasured. There is a reason why this song has been a favorite of couples for decades and makes that first dance unforgettable, for the couple as well as their family and friends."


"at Last": Etta James...

It may be an overplayed classic wedding song, but I love hearing Etta James' voice and that first note of "At Last". It's a magical, soulful song that you can recognize every time the violin starts to play. James' voice is so powerful that you just can't help the feeling of wanting to look into your lover's eyes when you listen to it.


The timeless melody undoubtedly stirs a wave of nostalgia and romance, almost as if Etta James is serenading each couple personally. Her rendition transcends the era it was recorded in and captures the essence of finding true love - something everyone hopes to celebrate on their special day. It's the kind of track that refuses to fade into background noise; At Last demands you stand still and savor the moment, making it an enduring favorite for newlyweds during their very first dance as partners in life.


"from This Moment": Shania Twain...

Shania Twain must have been inspired by her first marriage for this classic wedding song. "From this Moment" is the perfect song for your first dance and has the perfect lyrics because your wedding day is the moment that you begin your life together.


"the Way You Look Tonight": Frank Sinatra...

Frank Sinatra is and always will be a classic, he sang like a gentleman who loved the ladies. This is a great classic wedding song for a black tie affair or for a couple who loves to show off their smooth moves on the dance floor. Remember your night and the way you felt when you both saw each other for the first time at the altar when you dance to "The Way You Look Tonight".


"Can't Help Falling in Love": Elvis...

Elvis has many famous songs to choose from, but "Can't Help Falling in Love" is a sweet classic wedding song that will remind your guests of the romantic, over the moon, love you share. Elvis has a voice that is recognized and loved by everyone, you just can't go wrong making this your first dance song.


"I Could Not Ask for More": Edwin McCain...

When you are getting married to the one you couldn't live without what more could you ask for! "I Could Not Ask for More" by Edwin McCain speaks about the moments that you've been dreaming of your entire life and now when you dance to this song, you'll be living those moments and making a lifetime of memories together!


"Your Song": Elton John...

What could be more romantic than a song that was written just for you. When a man sings about how wonderful the world is because his significant other is in it, how could you not want this classic wedding song as your first dance choice!


"when a Man Loves a Woman": Otis Redding...

I love songs like "When a Man Loves a Woman" that make you feel what the singer is feeling and when you look into your lovers eyes during these songs you know they are feeling this way too. These are the emotions you will experience on your big day, so choose a classic wedding song like Otis Redding's and give that good loving feeling to your guests as they watch you dance.


"Everything I do, I do It for You": Bryan Adams...

When a man tells you everything he does is for you, well you better grab that man! This song can actually be a tribute from the groom or the bride to their significant other, that's what makes it a great classic wedding song to put on your playlist.


"She's Got a Way": Billy Joel...

Wouldn't it be so sweet if you told your groom to surprise you by picking the first dance song and he chose this amazing classic wedding song! Billy Joel has a way with the piano and with swooning us ladies with his words, so pick this song and show everyone that "She's Got a Way"!

Are you using one of these classic wedding songs for your first dance? Sometimes going traditional might seem like the safe choice, but when you choose one of these classic wedding songs, it's not about being safe, it's about showing how romantic you are. What songs on the list are your favorite?

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Oldies but goodies (beautiful songs) are "There is Love" by Paul Stookie from the group Peter Paul and Mary, and "we've Only Just Begun" written by Paul Williams, made famous by The Carpenters.

This list was fun! I actually hadn't heard a couple of them before. Etta James is the best! xoxo R

I consider "Never Stop" by Safetysuit even though is not a Classic is also apprpiate for a wedding song.. ?

Oh, these are all so great! We played another classic -- Fly Me to the Moon -- for our first dance.

Mine will be love is all around - wet wet wet

At Last

I saved this one

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