7 Chic Houndstooth Wedding Theme Ideas ...


7 Chic Houndstooth Wedding Theme Ideas ...
7 Chic Houndstooth Wedding Theme Ideas ...

The chic black and white houndstooth print has been around for many years, and has come back into trend so much so that we are now seeing it incorporated into wedding themes. From the classic black and white to colorful prints, here are 7 Chic Houndstooth Wedding Theme Ideas for every fashionista...

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Houndstooth Wedding Invitation...

Houndstooth Wedding Invitation... Photo Credit: Invitations by David's Bridal

If you love houndstooth but are looking for a pop of color for your wedding invitations, don't worry you can still have both! Show off your fashionista side with your houndstooth wedding theme invitations in blue, or get them in pink, purple, or even clover green.


Houndstooth Bow Tie...

Houndstooth Bow Tie... Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

What's more adorable than a bow tie, a houndstooth bow tie! Get your groom involved and make him feel like a rockstar during your houndstooth wedding theme; this is a theme he can get excited about too with it's sleek and modern design.


Houndstooth Wedding Shoes...

Houndstooth Wedding Shoes... Photo Credit: Zappos

You may not want to walk down the aisle in a head to toe houndstooth gown, but you can still walk down the aisle in style. Rock these classy houndstooth heels as they peep out of our dress and show everyone what a true fashionista you are!


Houndstooth Wedding Cufflinks...

Houndstooth Wedding Cufflinks... Photo Credit: Amazon

I hope your groom is as fashion forward as you are because these cufflinks are perfect for your houndstooth wedding theme! I love little hints here and there in wedding details that show off the theme, there's no need to go crazy when you have a loud print.


Houndstooth Bridesmaids....

Houndstooth Bridesmaids.... Photo Credit: Dorothy Perkins

Whether you are planning a houndstooth wedding theme or a black and white theme, this bridesmaid dress is one that will look chic on your girls no matter your theme. It's also a dress they can wear time and time again, now who wouldn't love that!


Houndstooth is a classic pattern that has been around for centuries and is a popular choice for wedding themes. This bridesmaid dress is a great choice for a houndstooth wedding theme or a black and white theme. It is made of a lightweight fabric that is comfortable and easy to move in, making it perfect for a long day of wedding festivities. The dress is also versatile and can be worn again and again for other special occasions. The houndstooth pattern is timeless and will look beautiful in photos, making it a great choice for any wedding.


Houndstooth Ring Pillow...

Houndstooth Ring Pillow... Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

It's all in the details, and this adorable houndstooth ring pillow is one of my most favorite details! I love everything in this houndstooth wedding theme, it has just the right amount of print with a mix of color as to not overwhelm the guests with the printed theme. Check out Wedding Chicks to see the houndstooth invitations and the rest of the details from this chic wedding.


Houndstooth Wedding Cake...

Houndstooth Wedding Cake... Photo Credit: The Brides Cafe

Top off your houndstooth wedding theme with a gorgeous houndstooth wedding cake. There's nothing like a cake to help bring together your theme from ceremony to reception. I love the way the white and gold flowers break up the print and bring a feminine touch to it.

You don't have to go crazy when you plan a theme and you especially don't want to overwhelm your guests with your houndstooth wedding theme. This is a chic print but it can also be a loud one when there are too many details in your houndstooth wedding theme. Find little things and simple details that will make it pop and it will come together nicely.

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