10 of the Most Annoying Wedding Songs Ever...


10 of the Most Annoying Wedding Songs Ever...
10 of the Most Annoying Wedding Songs Ever...

Do you remember those crazy, what were they thinking songs I mentioned in the last post? Well here they are, from the chicken dance to the Macarena, these are the songs that just annoy your guests and should not be on your wedding playlist! Continue reading for 10 of the Most Annoying Wedding Songs Ever and see if you agree...

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"Let's Get It on": Marvin Gaye...

Katie from Vintage Vinyl Journals picked this song as one of those bad, annoying wedding songs that just shouldn't be on your playlist! From Katie, ""Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye has been chosen by many couples for their first dance song. This song is very romantic and sexual but a couples' family and friends do not need to picture the couple 'getting it on.' Go for something classic and timeless instead and not a song that will make your family and friends feel awkward."


"Macarena": Los Del Rio...

The "Macarena" may be a fun dance song to play at block parties or birthday parties, but some of your guests might find it to be one of those annoying wedding songs that just shouldn't be danced to during your reception. It's a silly song that may make your guests feel too embarrassed to dance to and will probably leave your dance floor empty.


"My Heart Will Go on": Celine Dion...

Jack and Rose had a romantic affair in the blockbuster movie Titanic and Celine Dion capitalized on their love that viewers obsessed over. However, "My Heart Will Go On" is not a true love song, it's more of a love that was lost type of tune. It was overplayed the year of the movie and gave Dion a bad rep as an annoying singer, so you might not want to play this annoying wedding song on your big day.


"Don't Stop Believin": Journey...

Everyone has heard this song at least once in their lifetime, if not more. It's been redone time and time again and has been featured on TV shows like Glee, in movies like The Wedding Singer, and used in many commercials. So you might not want to play this annoying wedding song that has been overused and overplayed.


"Shout": Isley Brothers...

Like the Macarena, "Shout" might seem like a good party song idea at first, but I'm pretty sure your wedding guests don't want to get a little bit louder now during your reception. Another reason you may want to leave this annoying wedding song on the do not playlist, think about your guests that may have had too many drinks trying to get back up from the floor after the "a little bit softer now" part in the song!


"YMCA" Village People...

These fun, line dance songs just keep popping up on my annoying wedding songs list, and for good reason! Your guests do want to dance and have a good time, but they don't want to feel like it's just another party. Make your wedding reception stand out from the rest and make special memories by playing songs that bring them back to their own special memories. "YMCA" is just too corny and too overdone to be played at your wedding....so put it on the do not playlist!


"Baby Got Back" Sir Mix-a-Lot...

So you're looking for a funny song to play during your garter toss, well step back from this annoying wedding song! Why you ask? Well I'm pretty sure your grandmother doesn't want to hear how horny Sir Mix-A-Lot is because "Baby Got Back"!


"I've Had the Time of My Life": Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes...

Baby and Johnny turned Dirty Dancing into a memorable movie that will be watched for generations. This is a beautiful song, but it is on my annoying wedding song list because it has been overplayed and it is pretty obvious that on your big day you are thinking, "I've Had the Time of My Life"!


The Chicken Dance...

Leave "The Chicken Dance" at little kid's birthday parties and block parties. You don't want to replay your wedding video ten years later and go, "What were we thinking?", when you see yourself dancing around like a chicken!


"Single Ladies": Beyonce...

Beyonce knew what she was doing when she came out with "Single Ladies" in 2008, wow was it really five years ago! It's a catchy tune that will get your single ladies on the dance floor, but that may be the only ladies that get up to dance. Your other guests might feel like this is a song only for those without a ring, while others are just tired of hearing this annoying wedding song!

Some of these annoying wedding songs may be tunes that you really love, don't get me wrong I like them too. But they are just not the right type of songs that should be played during your big day, which is why they are on my annoying wedding song list! Have you played any of these at your wedding, or have you put them on your do not playlist?

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I don't like "Single Ladies" for a dance song, however, it may be fun to play just the chorus for when they're calling ladies up for the bouquet throwing!

Great list there! I think it's just a matter of time until Gangnam Style makes it's way in too.

i agree with everything except journey! sure, it's not a wedding song per se but it's still a fun and iconic song in my opinion and even people that claim to hate it usually sing along sooner or later ;-) and wow, single ladies came out in 2008, FIVE years ago?! damn, now i feel really REALLY old! :-(


Journey definitely should not be on the list!!!!

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