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7 Tips on What to Bring to Your Wedding Dress Fitting ...

By Heather

Knowing just what to bring to your wedding dress fitting can be the difference between a fun experience and one that’s totally stressful. Whether you’re having alterations done at the boutique where you purchased your dress or are hiring a private seamstress, bringing along the right set of tools can help make things easier for everyone involved. Stumped about exactly what to bring to your wedding dress fitting? These quick and easy tips are guaranteed to have you out the door and on your way in no time!

1 Your Wedding Day Lingerie

Topping the list of what to bring to your wedding dress fitting is, of course, your lingerie. From panties to shapewear to crinolines, the right lingerie can definitely enhance the look and feel of a wedding gown. Many bridal consultants will help advise you about which types of lingerie are the best match when selling you your gown, and some salons even have certain items available for sale in-house, allowing you to see how well they work with the dress before you buy.

2 Your Shoes

Be sure to bring along your shoes, and yes, that ideally means the actual pair you plan to walk down the aisle in! The heel height on the shoe will help determine whether your dress needs to be hemmed or let out, and if so, by how much. No time left for a shopping trip before your first fitting? At least bring along a pair that are the same height as those you plan to buy.

3 Your Headpiece and Jewelry

Even though your headpiece and jewelry won’t directly affect the way your wedding dress fits, bringing them along is a great way to preview how they will look on the big day. Are you wondering where exactly your necklace will fall in relation to the neckline of the dress, or at what point down your back the veil and dress will start to overlap? Bring them along, and you won’t be left guessing.

4 A Camera

Having someone snap a few photos or video clips of you sitting, standing, walking, and more will help give you a much clearer idea not only about how your wedding dress will look, but how it will feel as you move around. After all, what good is wearing a gorgeous gown if you’re only going to be uncomfortable in it the entire day? The camera will also pick up on details you might overlook with the naked eye, so whip out your smartphone, and click away!

5 Your Checkbook

Alterations can often cost as much as several hundred dollars or more, especially if a lot of work is needed. Be sure to factor this in when deciding how much you’re willing to spend on a gown, and allow for some flexibility, since you likely won’t know the exact cost until it’s time for your fitting. Some designers may allow you to special order a gown that’s either shorter or longer than the sample length, so be sure to ask about these types of options when buying your dress. In some cases, it might help save you money on alterations down the road.

6 Your Mom or Maid of Honor

It never hurts to have a second opinion. Your mom or maid of honor can help assess how the dress looks from all angles, and during your final fitting, she can also learn how to bustle your gown following the ceremony. Just remember that no matter what anyone else might suggest, the final decisions about which changes to make are ultimately your own. You are the one getting married, after all!

7 Plenty of Patience

Wedding dress fittings usually involve at least three trips to the salon over a couple-month time period, so go in with the understanding that even your second visit likely won’t be your last. During the first fitting, your seamstress will usually determine what types of initial alterations need to be made, such as taking the dress in, shortening the hem or adding a bustle. Then, you’ll go back a second time to make sure the first set of changes came out all right, and to see whether there are any other smaller tweaks that still need to be made. If everything looks good the third time around, you should hopefully be able to call it a wrap!

Now that you’ve read my suggestions about what to bring to your wedding dress fitting, feel free to add your own! What would you bring along that isn’t already listed?

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