9 Lovely Lesbian Wedding Invitations ...


9 Lovely Lesbian Wedding Invitations ...
9 Lovely Lesbian Wedding Invitations ...

Chic and classy lesbian wedding invitations can be hard to come by in brick and mortar stores, but you're sure to find at least one design that strikes your fancy on the Internet. From vintage-looking lace to elegant black and white, options abound. You and your bride-to-be will swoon over these nine romantic lesbian wedding invitations!

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Antique Lace with Teal Ribbon

Antique Lace with Teal Ribbon In terms of lesbian wedding invitations, this strikingly detailed formal card takes the cake. Featuring a sea-foam ribbon and lace motif, it's perfect for inviting loved ones to a large reception (think sweeping ball gowns and a made-to-order cake). Plus, you've got your 'something blue' covered, thanks to the teal ribbons! Find them on Outvite for $295 per 100 invitations.


Bride and Bride Elegant Wedding Invitation

Bride and Bride Elegant Wedding Invitation You and your honey will feel like a pair of princesses as you prepare for your special day. Complete with an elegant front image and fully customizable text on the back, this invitation will add an extra dose of magic to a fairytale-themed wedding. Buy them on Zazzle for $1.60 per invitation.


Damask Wedding Invitation

Damask Wedding Invitation Calling all feminine lesbians with a soft spot for bouquets! This invitation is fit for any feminine couple planning to hold a springtime wedding. Best of all, the classic black and white background makes it appropriate for both small, casual venues and upscale dining halls. Buy them on Zazzle for $1.95 per invitation.


Lovebirds Wedding Invitation

Lovebirds Wedding Invitation Chirp, chirp! These two lovebirds share one heart, just like you and your gal. Let this pair of birdies announce your nuptials to family and friends. Whether you're femme, butch or somewhere in between, these invitations will mesh with your style. Pick them up on Zazzle for $2.70 per invite.


Swirling Pink/Navy Floral Layer

Swirling Pink/Navy Floral Layer This pretty in pink invitation is a feminine couple's dream! If you and your other half can't resist cotton-candy hues and floral designs, this invitation's for you. I especially love how the navy blue flowers really pop against the light pink backdrop. Find these on Outvite for $240 per 100 invitations.


Butterflies and Birds Wedding Invitation

Butterflies and Birds Wedding Invitation An invitation featuring butterflies and chickadees will be a welcome sight after a long, chilly winter! The mellow yellow shade sets the stage for a spring or summer wedding. Buy them on Zazzle for $2.55 per invite.


Forever Us: Rosemary Invitation

Forever Us: Rosemary Invitation Show off your grrl power with two interlocking female gender symbols. The soothing blue hue will ensure that this card remains a top-of-the-fridge mainstay for months! Find them on Wedding Paper Divas for $174 per 100 invitations.


Custom Beach Wedding Invitation

Custom Beach Wedding Invitation If you have sand and surf on the brain (who doesn't?!), this beach-chic design is a must-have. I wouldn't prepare a walk across the sand without it! Whether you're planning to wed on foreign sand or your local beach, these customizable cards are fit for the occasion. Get them on Zazzle for $2.25 per invitation.


Black & White Wedding Invitation

Black & White Wedding Invitation This sleek black and white invitation features a lesbian couple. Moreover, you can choose among a butch-butch, butch-femme, and a femme-femme pair to represent you and your partner. Find them on Print Villa for $18.99 per 12 invitations.

These are 8 of the sweetest lesbian invitations on the 'Net. Did you fall in love at first sight with one of my picks? Do you have any of your own invitation ideas to add to the list?

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I love them! Thanks

Wow, this is sort of offensive due to the fact that the wedding invitations are simply wedding invitations. Just because its a gay wedding doesn't mean they need "lesbian invitations".

@Kellyn Derrick I know where you're coming from, but from all of my friends who have had gay or lesbian weddings, only one couple went for a traditional invitation, everyone else had lovely same-sex-wedding-themed invites, so I suppose it's different strokes for different folks - depends what sort of theme you'd like for your wedding :-) xx

Haha agreed

Uhm, I'm not a lesbian myself, but I'm pretty sure lesbian wedding invitations should be the same thing as straight wedding invitations?

Some of these would work as just any type of wedding invitations, but I'm sure ere are many woman who would love the ones designed specifically for two woman, like the one with two bride silhouettes.

Number 4 is lovely, I'd use it for my own wedding! :-)

Not bad!

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