9 Lovely Lesbian Wedding Invitations ...

Chic and classy lesbian wedding invitations can be hard to come by in brick and mortar stores, but you're sure to find at least one design that strikes your fancy on the Internet. From vintage-looking lace to elegant black and white, options abound. You and your bride-to-be will swoon over these nine romantic lesbian wedding invitations!

1. Antique Lace with Teal Ribbon

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In terms of lesbian wedding invitations, this strikingly detailed formal card takes the cake. Featuring a sea-foam ribbon and lace motif, it's perfect for inviting loved ones to a large reception (think sweeping ball gowns and a made-to-order cake). Plus, you've got your 'something blue' covered, thanks to the teal ribbons! Find them on Outvite for $295 per 100 invitations.

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