7 Places to Shop for Wedding Dcor ...


7 Places to Shop for Wedding Dcor ...
7 Places to Shop for Wedding Dcor ...

Finding the best places to shop for wedding décor can be a bit tricky. Creating your own wedding decorations out of craft supplies and cheap objects that you can turn into expensive looking pieces is a chore, but you will save a ton of money and feel an enormous sense of pride when you are finished. Doing it yourself (with help, of course) is a great way to make sure everything is precisely how you want it to be. But where are some good places to shop for wedding décor?

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Of all the places to shop for wedding décor, I love love love this website! I ordered from them continuously while planning my wedding. They have a remarkable array of craft pieces that are perfect for weddings, from dried flowers to lights in every color of the rainbow. Most of their stuff is discounted to an extremely reasonable rate. I got a pack of 10 submersible LED lights for only $19.99 to set in the bottom of my glass vases. I set floating orchids (88 cents each) on top of the water and surrounded the base with preserved orchids (36 cents each) and my centerpieces were gorgeous! I would never have been able to accomplish such an elegant looking piece without the help of this website.


Dollar Tree

A lot of brides tend to shy away from the Dollar Tree because they don’t want their décor to look cheap or tacky, but I assure you, with your magic DIY touch, you can turn a lot of dollar store products into beautiful works of art! They have a variety of glass vases in various sizes, circular and square table mirrors, which always make your centerpieces look bigger and more elaborate. Candle stick holders, translucent shred, candles… you can buy all of these at the dollar store much cheaper than you could get anywhere else and no one will ever know!


Hobby Lobby

I had never shopped at Hobby Lobby before wedding planning because there isn’t one anywhere near where I live, but when I went to pick up my dress (over two hours away), I happened upon one and decided to snoop around. It turns out, their glass vases were on sale and would each be $1.50 cheaper than the price I had planned to pay to RENT them! The artificial flower selection they have is astounding! Many of their flowers look and even feel like they are real. If you are crafty, take a spin around that store and check out the incredible amount of things you can use. My Mom and I spent well over three hours looking at everything and left with a car load of helpful trinkets.


Oriental Trader

Oriental Trader has a specific catalogue that is devoted entirely to wedding supplies. They have archways, plant pedestals, aisle runners and much, much more! If you have a tight budget and want your setting to look elaborate, this is the place to check out! Their prices are phenomenal and many times you can get full sets of things you need for an insanely cheap price!



Etsy is pretty popular and most people know they can go there to get wonderfully handmade gifts and home items. What you may not know is that many of the sellers sell their leftover supplies. Most wholesale companies require you to buy an excessive number of one product, so if the Etsy seller needs 100 mini photo frames, they might have to buy 300 because that’s what their wholesale seller requires. What do they do with the extra 200? They sell them in their Etsy store, where you can buy them and turn them into place card frames for your reception tables!



There are so many craft products listed on eBay, it would take you days to sort through them all. You can often get bulk orders of items that you need or even buy someone’s entire wedding stock-pile and have everything all ready to go when it arrives! I have seen sellers list an entire collection of décor and centerpieces, because honestly, what are you going to do with all of the stuff afterwards? You certainly won’t always be lucky enough to find an entire set when you look, but it’s definitely worth a shot, it happens more frequently than I had ever imagined.



Is there anything better than edible décor? In the past few years, having a candy buffet has garnered more widespread popularity. Whether you are looking to have one on your big day, are planning a Candyland theme, or even if you just want to awe your guests while giving them something to nibble on by having edible centerpieces, CandyWarehouse is one of the best places to buy bulk candy. You can even sort by color, so you can have your candy match your color scheme! From chocolates and champagne bubbles to jelly beans and taffy, you can find everything you’re looking for in an exceptionally wide range of colors and flavors!

Weddings are exciting to plan and fun to decorate, especially if you have a head start on where to turn for specific items. I hope this list will help you find everything you are looking for to make your special day a huge success! Where do you shop for wedding décor?

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Also, see what you can rent from the florist. I had 3 huuuge vases of varried sizes per table as part of my centerpiece. Rented for $3 each, the cheapest I found them were $20 to buy and who wants hundreds of vases lying around after the honeymoon. Lifesaver!

@Adriana great tip!!

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