8 First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas ...


8 First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas ...
8 First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas ...

Based on tradition, you should exchange “paper” for your first wedding anniversary gifts. When you first think of “paper” it doesn’t sound too exciting, but don’t worry, there are many wonder first anniversary gifts for you to give. I have some great anniversary gift ideas that your spouse is going to love...

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Plane Ticket...

I told you paper wasn’t boring! Surprise your spouse with a first wedding anniversary gift they are never going to forget. Fly back to your honeymoon spot, where you first met, or perhaps a new favorite spot. Remember to buy the plane tickets in an off season when you can find great deals. I'm sure your spouse will appreciate that you saved money just as much as they will appreciate the amazing gift!


Concert Tickets...

Is your spouse’s favorite band coming to town, or perhaps they have been obsessing over a Broadway production that has been out for 10 years...hint, hint! First wedding anniversary gifts like these are a great way to create a date night and celebrate your anniversary again when the actual event occurs.


Favorite Childhood Book

Is your love always reading a book before bedtime and still has a stack waiting to be read? I bet the best paper first wedding anniversary gift for the bookworm would be their favorite childhood book. Find out if there is a first addition or if you can get a signed copy, and give them a gift they can one day pass down to your little ones.


Romantic Coupons

Perhaps you are on a tight budget after the big day and moving into your new home and need a first wedding anniversary gift that won’t break the bank. Get creative and make your spouse romantic coupons for “us time,” “back rubs,” or even one that says you’ll watch a football game with them or whatever they watch that you can’t stand! You may think that romantic coupons will be a gift they won't care about, but trust me, they go a long way!


Favorite Print

Does your spouse have a home office space or a “man cave" or "woman cave" that needs some wall art? Whether they would like to hang a favorite print or have a love for vintage movie posters, something to hang on the walls of their personal space would make a great first wedding anniversary gift.


Personalized Notebook

A personalized notebook is a wonderful first wedding anniversary gift for the writer in your life, the significant other who loves to jot down ideas, or for the cook who loves to create new recipes. Personalize the notebook with your new shared last name, a quote from their favorite book, or with your wedding vows.


Monogramed Stationary

Everyone needs note paper for shopping lists, to write down messages, or to send someone a thank you note. So why not turn that note paper into something personalized for your first wedding anniversary gift? Buy your spouse monogrammed stationary that they will be sure to order again and again when they need more!


Personalized Calendar

Check out sites like Snapfish or Shutterfly to make this first wedding anniversary gift idea a simple one to put together. Use photos from your wedding, your first date, and family Christmas parties to make each month special.

What are some of your first wedding anniversary gift ideas? Are you exchanging a traditional "paper" gift? I hope I have given you some great ideas, which ones do you like the best?

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check out My Dreamlines as they can sketch the wedding dress and suit.

Much nicer than my first anniversary... My husband played video games all day and asked my mom to bring over food...

Also a map of places you have been and want to go is lovely...

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