8 of the Best Quotes about Marriage ...


8 of the Best Quotes about Marriage ...
8 of the Best Quotes about Marriage ...

The best quotes about marriage are those which highlight the realities behind this complex, challenging, and beautiful bond with a little humor, a dose of insight, and a whole lot of truth. They delve into the intricacies of the relationship, they provide us with comfort that most marriages truly experience the same struggles and triumphs as the next, and at times, they offer just the advice or wisdom we need to see our own bonds a little differently. One brilliant saying at a time, these are 8 of our favorite quotes about marriage.

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“a Sense of Humor is Great - It Goes a Long, Long Way in a Marriage.” - Chris Rock

Oh Chris Rock, how right you are in your quote on married life! A great sense of humor is a fundamental tool for life in general, but it can also be a saving grace in marriage. Connecting with someone so deeply, on such an intimate and personal level, there are bound to be inevitably better moments than others and being able to laugh, whether it’s at yourself, the situation or with your spouse, is such an important factor for the success of the relationship. It can lighten the tough times, create a closer connection between you both, and turn ordinary moments in memories you won’t soon forget.


“It is Not a Lack of Love, but a Lack of Friendship That Makes Unhappy Marriages.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

One of the best quotes about marriage, Nietzsche’s words are timeless and perceptive. In my own relationship with my husband, love is the base on which our marriage is built, but the depth of our friendship has been the key to overcoming any difficulty, growth and compromise, while making the most of our time together along the way. Sharing your life with your best friend, working through the highs and lows, it all creates the kind of bond to keep you close, connected, and supporting each other in the good, and not so good times. And not for nothing, but when you are old and grey, it sure will be nice to sit next to someone on the front porch who simply adores chatting with you.


“Let Us Now Set Forth One of the Fundamental Truths about Marriage: the Wife is in Charge.” - Bill Cosby

This humorous quote from Bill Cosby caught my eye immediately and had to make my list of sayings about marriage for the sheer, simple fact that it in the average North American union, it holds a great deal of truth! Of course, the ideal marriage is give and take, a practice in meeting each other halfway, respecting and appreciating your partner unwaveringly - and a great wife is looking out for the good of the family, no question, being considerate and thoughtful... But I tend to think Mr. Cosby was on to something. After all, it’s happy wife, happy life, is it not? Amen!


“Marriage is Not a Noun; It’s a Verb. It Isn’t Something You Get. It’s Something You do. It’s the Way You Love Your Partner Every Day.” - Barbara De Angelis

I am a firm believer that relationships are a product of the effort, respect, love, humility and attention we put in to them and as such, this quote on married life spoke to me immediately for its powerful truth. Recognizing that you have a choice every day about how you treat your spouse, how much you give to your relationship, and how dedicated you are to the commitment you have made is one of the great pieces to not only making a marriage last, but to creating a quality dynamic between you and your loved one. A verb well worth turning in to action.


“if I Get Married, I Want to Be Very Married.” - Audrey Hepburn

Prior to getting married myself, I am not sure I would have totally understood this quote - I mean, can there be degrees of marriage? One year in and yes, I have come to realize that it is possible to be “very married.” The more invested you are in the connection, the more open and forthcoming you are with your partner, the “leave your ego at the door” humility with which you love each other - and most importantly, the willingness to work through the hard times with the same gusto you give to the great days - it all contributes to defining the intensity of your relationship and the level to which you are "married" to the bond.


“in Every Marriage More than a Week Old, There Are Grounds for Divorce. the Trick is to Find, and Continue to Find, Grounds for Marriage.” - Robert Anderson

Of all the quotes on married life, this is perhaps my personal favorite, because it is such an eloquent testament on commitment. Most people go in to marriage believing they will be dedicated to one person forever, yet when things get difficult - and inevitably they will at some point, whether it’s due to internal or external factors - they focus only on the negativity until the problems are seemingly unconquerable. Each couple needs to decide what is right for their future, but seeking out those reasons you fell in love, directing your energy to the things that make your marriage good and strong and encouraging positivity in your spouse even when it may be challenging: those are the ingredients to keeping your love alive.


“It’s Very Dear to Me, the Issue of Gay Marriage. or, as I like to Call It: ‘marriage.’ You Know, Because I Had Lunch This Afternoon, Not Gay Lunch. I Parked My Car; I Didn’t Gay Park It.” - Liz Feldman

In writing this article I knew I wanted to include a quote directly related to same sex marriage, and the first time I read this one, I not only laughed out loud at the fresh and thoroughly candid approach from clever comedian Liz Feldman, I had such respect for her brilliant ability to break this heavily debated and passionate issue down to seemingly simplistic terms. While each person has their own view, I think it’s crucial that love and commitment are judged on their own merits, that everyone in our society is given the same liberties and that we recognize, two straight people marrying does not guarantee a happy or healthy union any more than a same sex couple. Each marriage is unique and each couple should be offered the opportunities of those around them.


“ a Successful Marriage Requires Falling in Love Many Times, Always with the Same Person.” - Mignon McLaughlin

For the last of our sayings about marriage, I included this quote, perhaps one of the most famous on the subject, because marriage absolutely is a matter of renewing your love with one person throughout your lifetime. Though in my experience, it isn’t about repeating the first time you fell for one another, when every moment together was so exciting and new, but instead, a celebration of your relationship for its growth over time. For the history between you, the shared memories and the lessons learned on both your parts. For the love and hardships and each new challenge that you faced head-on together. Falling in love again and again with that same person you first thought you did not want to live without - remembering the reasons you loved them then and most importantly, choosing to discover all the new reasons to love them today.

Marriage is a wonderful and sacred relationship that is comprised of so many different elements for a couple. From the great to the difficult and everything in between, the best marriages are truly labors of love, and the more I read on the subject, the more it becomes clear that every couple has to discover what is right for their unique bond, with sage advice along the way. Some of the best quotes about marriage, the sayings above appealed, resonated and connected with me personally, but I am so excited to learn about the words that mean something to our readers - what are your favorite sayings about marriage?

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Very true!!

Great quotes <3! I respect Cosby, and I realize he's being humorous, but in my experience, as soon as one partner is "in charge" problems are on the horizon...

Will give these quotes to newlyweds!

"Marriage = death". Lol sorry I couldn't help myself

Another one from Friedrich Nietzsche :) "Marriage: that I call the will of two to create the one who is more than those who created it."

The girl on the picture looks like a white version of Rihanna.

Love this !!! Best one you've ever made

"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly." -Rose Franken

I love these :)

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