7 Creative save the Date Ideas ...

Traditionally, save the date cards are a little rectangle of card stock that is sent out to let your future guests know when your wedding date is, but with these save the date ideas, you can be sure they won't forget! This is a great opportunity to be super creative and incorporate your wedding theme! Take a look at these awesome save the date ideas and let me know what you think!

1. Cookies

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If most of your guests are local, cookies are wonderful save the date ideas! Sugar cookies are best because you can make them thick and sturdy and they do actually travel well if you need to ship a few. Royal icing works best to decorate them. It hardens nicely and tastes a bit better than fondant. It’s also fairly easy to work with. If you aren’t a great baker, you can always order them from Etsy.com, where they are custom made for you in several shops!

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