7 Must-Haves to Help Plan Your Hunger Games Wedding ...


7 Must-Haves to Help Plan Your Hunger Games Wedding ...
7 Must-Haves to Help Plan Your Hunger Games Wedding ...

The brand new Hunger Games movie is coming out in November and that made me think, what must-haves do you need to plan yourself a fantastic Hunger Games wedding? This type of wedding is my favorite. It's not only beautiful, but it's so unique and different! If you're thinking about planning a Hunger Games wedding, take a look at all of the must-haves you'll need so that your theme really comes across beautifully!

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The Invitations

The Invitations The very first Hunger Games wedding must-have that you'll need are invites! You want your invites to really reflect your theme and I think that these ones are pretty beautiful. There are tons of different ones to choose from, you just have to find the ones that suit you and your partner!


The Hairstyles

The Hairstyles The Hunger Games is all about the braids and all about the beautiful hairstyles, so if you are thinking of having a Hunger Games themed wedding, you've got to get the hairstyle down! You need to come up with some unique and different hairstyles, such as a beautiful side braid like this one!


The Bouquet

The Bouquet If you really want to go out there, the bouquet is the next thing that you'll need to think about. I absolutely love this bouquet. I think that it's so different, so beautiful and it's definitely part of the theme. If you are thinking that you want to really go outside of the box, give a try to this bouquet! What type of bouquet would you do for this particular theme? Tell me about it!


The Centerpieces

The Centerpieces With all of the different scenes in The Hunger Games, you can take inspiration from anything, but these centerpieces? They look amazing! All you need are some bright flowers, some beautiful and weathered wood and some amazing bottles. It's rustic but in all of the right ways! I love the flowers, the bottles and I love the place cards. This is the sweetheart table, but there are tons of different centerpieces that you could do with this theme!


The Photography

The Photography As with any wedding, the photography is really, really important, but the photography for a Hunger Games themed wedding? It's most important! You have to get creative to make sure that your theme is captured and I think that this particular picture is amazing!


The Cake

The Cake The cake is something that you're also going to want to consider whenever you are looking to do this particular theme. You want the theme to be represented, but you might not want it completely done up in all Hunger Games. This cake is pretty, it's not too over the top and it's still representing the theme perfectly!


The Décor

The Décor Finally, the décor is something that you're going to want to consider whenever you are having this theme of wedding. You want it to be represented, but again, not too over the top. I like this combination and it would be so, so pretty to get married under! I love the gold, the white, the beauty and simplicity of it all. What do you think of this particular decor?

So, these are just a few examples of what a beautiful Hunger Games wedding could be like! Do you have any more suggestions that you want to share? Do tell!

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Why would you want your wedding theme to be of a dystopian future where children kill each other for sport?

I'm pretty sure this would be useful for only 2 people.

Omg looooove it! You guys should do a hunger game party theme thing that would be soooo cool

A wedding is supposed to be about the bride/groom and their personalities-theming it entirely after a movie or book takes away from that. You can have theme parties whenever

My OH & I do archery, and we (I) want to incorporate it into our wedding. I've seen bits & pieces of the movie so I'm not sure what its all about but your article has given me great for the archery theme we (i) want. :-)

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