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10 Lovely Wedding Headpiece Ideas to Make You a Beautiful Bride ...

By Heather

With so many amazing wedding headpiece ideas to consider, choosing the perfect one for your day can be tough. Thinking about going with a vintage headband? A shiny set of hair clips? A classic monogrammed veil? Here to help you narrow things down are 10 lovely wedding headpiece ideas I especially love.

1 Floral Wreath

Floral WreathA floral wreath is by far one of the prettiest wedding headpiece ideas around, and I absolutely love the fact that this one contains succulents in addition to flowers. Are you planning to wear a floral wreath? What types of flowers will you include?

2 Colorful Blooms

Colorful BloomsOf course, flowers don’t always have to be worn as part of a wreath, as seen here in this photo showcasing a mixture of colorful blooms placed throughout the bride’s hair. I love everything about this look, including the combination of vibrant shades. While many brides choose to wear a single flower in their hair, I think this idea is even more unique and eye-catching.


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3 Vintage Headband

Vintage HeadbandFor a headpiece that has vintage appeal, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous and intricately designed headband like the one seen here. What do you think of this style? Would you wear a unique piece like this? Plus, when a headband suits your vision but you want a look that’s a bit more glam than vintage, you can also choose one featuring gold, silver or even bejeweled details.

4 Monogrammed Veil

Monogrammed VeilThere’s no better way to keep your bridal look classic than by wearing a beautiful veil personalized with your own unique monogram in white or any other shade that matches your color scheme. Along with becoming a great keepsake after the big day is over, a veil like this is sure to make for some stunning photos.

5 Floral Fascinator

Floral FascinatorWe saw earlier how lovely real flowers can look scattered throughout a bride’s hair, but what about fake ones? In my opinion, an oversized floral fascinator like this is every bit as strikingly beautiful as the real thing. Plus, with so many creative options available on Etsy and elsewhere, the possibilities for color, size and more are seemingly endless.

6 Feather Fascinator

Feather FascinatorLike the idea of wearing a fascinator, but prefer feathers to flowers? You’re in luck, because just as there are a ton of floral fascinator options to choose from, there are also plenty that include gorgeous feathers.

7 Sparkly Clips

Sparkly ClipsSubtle yet chic, these sparkly clips are the perfect headpiece for a bride who wants to keep her look just a bit understated, putting even more focus on her gorgeous dress. What type of clips would you choose? Do you like the neutral shade of these ones, or would you go with something a bit more colorful?

8 Regal Tiara

Regal TiaraYet another classic bridal headpiece, a tiara lets you channel your inner Kate Middleton for a look that’s breathtakingly regal. Aren't the marquise rhinestones seen here just lovely?

9 Delicate Comb

Delicate CombA comb is delicate, simple and the perfect finishing touch for your bridal look. The handmade design seen here strikes me as having just the right mix of crystal and pearl details. Do you agree?

10 Lace Cap

Lace CapFinally, this vintage lace cap is by far one of the most uniquely pretty bridal headpieces I’ve seen. Do you love it, too, or do you prefer a more traditional look?

Which of these wedding headpiece ideas would you choose? Are there any others you love that aren’t already listed?

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