7 Wedding Planning Apps You've Got to Have ...


7 Wedding Planning Apps You've Got to Have ...
7 Wedding Planning Apps You've Got to Have ...

Planning a wedding can be extremely difficult if you don't have a lot of help – help doesn't have to be in the form of people all of the time either, what about all of the wedding planning apps out there? If you're getting married, you probably have a hard time keeping every single thing organized, right? Well, these wedding planning apps can help keep you organized and right on track!

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Wedding Happy

Wedding Happy ****itunes.apple.com - Free

This is one of my favorite wedding planning apps of all time! It's super easy to get up and running – you don't even have to put in your email address! All you do is put in your wedding date and it'll build a customized list of pretty much everything to help you keep organized and on track! You can actually sync this up to your Facebook too. Definitely a nifty app to have on hand!


The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner ****itunes.apple.com - Free

The Knot is one of the most well-respected magazines and websites out there, but now that they have an app? It's amazing! This app is free to use and it's a fantastic app that really will help you choose everything from your dress all the way to getting you inspired for your centerpieces!


Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding ****itunes.apple.com - $1.99

This happens all of the time to brides and grooms, you think that planning your playlist is going to be really easy. You sit down, come up with a few awesome songs (Train – Marry Me!) and then after those songs, you have no idea what else should be on the list. While this app costs a little money, it is an amazing app to have to help you choose the right playlist!


Ultimate Wedding Planner

Ultimate Wedding Planner ****itunes.apple.com - Free

This is another great app that is going to really help you plan everything from honeymoon spots all the way to fantastic dress designers. This app is free too – which is so amazing! If you want to really plan your wedding by yourself, without a wedding planner, this app is for you!


Wedding Countdown

Wedding Countdown ****itunes.apple.com - Free

Of course, when you are planning your wedding, you are keeping a countdown in your head, but wouldn't it be cool to have the countdown on your phone too? This particular app will countdown the days, hours, minutes and seconds to your wedding! After the wedding? It'll stick around and countdown to your anniversary!



Pinterest ****itunes.apple.com - Free

If you're like me, you already have this particular app on your phone, but if not, get it! It's a great app for inspiration of all kinds and you can seriously find anything on it. Whether you are looking for centerpiece ideas or ideas for what to give your bridesmaids, this app is a necessity for a wedding!


Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget itunes.apple.com - Free

I actually love the fact that this app is free – and it's meant to keep you in a budget! Remember, your wedding should have some type of budget and this app will ensure that you stay on it. It puts you in control of what money you spend and where you spend it. It's a nifty, handy little app!

So all you brides out there, these are just a few of my favorite wedding apps – do you have any that you are using for your wedding? What ones? Any advice for someone about to plan their wedding? Share it!

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The wedding wire has many different apps

Weddings by Vera wang!

Wish I had these when we planned ours three yrs ago!

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