7 Tips from a Celebrity Wedding Planner ...


7 Tips from a Celebrity Wedding Planner ...
7 Tips from a Celebrity Wedding Planner ...

As someone who loves weddings, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get some tips from a wedding planner – especially one who’s organized some of the biggest celebrity weddings to date. Want to know how they get everything to run exactly to their schedule, and turn out perfectly? While a team of helpers is advantageous, if your budget can’t quite stretch to that, these tips from a wedding planner should help.

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Make like Cinderella!

One of the best, but most unusual tips from a wedding planner? Think about your shoes carefully. Our celebrity planner advised against choosing a high pair for the day and dancing barefoot at night, as this can appear ungraceful (and, let’s face it, you might end up with a broken toe!). Instead choose shoes that are low enough that you can dance in them, and buy them half a size bigger than normal to avoid cramped toes. Padded insoles are a great idea, too.


Rent or Buy

Wondering whether to rent or buy a suit? While most budget sites will recommend simply taking out a day’s rental, and asking a friend or family member to return the suit the next day, it's worth looking at the costs involved. Buying a well-fitting dark suit could be more economical than you think, and it gives a nice memoir of the day. Chances are that it’ll get plenty of wear, and teamed with a dark tie and crisp shirt, it’ll be ideal for the aisle.


Be Modern

Sending a save-the-date card? Don’t think that you need to choose an expensive design, or spend hours (and considerable money!) creating your own. An electronic save-the-date can be just as gorgeous, and much cheaper, letting you spend more on actual invites, or other wedding expenses. There are some great online design sites that allow for some personalization, so get exploring!


Candles Are Perfect

Flowers are a traditional wedding decoration, but they can also be very expensive. While it is possible to choose cheaper flowers, or mix in plenty of cheaper flowers to bulk out your decorations, the cost can still be shocking. Candles are a more modern and much cheaper alternative, and you can even find personalized or themed candleholders. Plus, candlelight is romantic, and everyone looks good under it. Win.


Confetti Choices

While it is traditional to purchase confetti in abundance, there have been plenty of modern alternatives – including birdseed, and recyclable confetti. If you still aren’t sure what you want, try choosing a plant instead. Tulip and rose petals both look gorgeous, and can be bought in big numbers for a reasonable price.


Choose a Drink

Most weddings provide a bar of some variety, whether it’s a few glasses of wine or a bottle of champagne. Give your wedding a unique angle – and yourselves a great reminder – by creating a signature drink. Use seasonal flavors to create a martini, and serve in dusted glasses on a silver platter.


Mix up Your Food

Whether you’ve opted for a cake or not, that doesn’t mean your dessert table should end there. There have been plenty of wedding trends centering around food recently, including bright colored cupcakes last year, and bright macaroons at the moment. Find colors, styles and foods that you love, and incorporate them into your day.

The final tip from a wedding planner? Don’t worry about matching your shoes to your dress – matching them to your bouquet is much more now – and carry a little make-up to touch up during the day. A darker liner, highlighter and lipgloss can make the day to night transition easy, and give you a few moments to collect your thoughts on your amazing day! Now enjoy it – and don’t forget to share your wedding tips here!

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i don't think there's anything wrong with wearing high heels for the ceremony and changing into flats later. in my case i changed into my converses and everyone absolutely loved it. just make sure the length of your dress is okay for both pairs of shoes!

What is the name of this 'so-called' celebrity wedding planner?

I would say where whats comfortable for you, if it's a winter wedding then flats if it's a summer wedding DEFINITELY HEELS!

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