7 Quick Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Notes ...


7 Quick Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Notes ...
7 Quick Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Notes ...

Whether your big day has already come and gone or you’re still in the midst of planning, chances are good you could use a few helpful tips for writing wedding thank you notes. From starting early to splitting the list with your fiancé, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to show your appreciation without stressing out. Ready to get things off to a hassle-free start? Here are seven quick tips for writing wedding thank you notes.

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Keep Track of Gifts

First and foremost, one of the most important tips for writing wedding thank you notes is to keep an accurate record of who gave you what, when it was received and when a thank you note was sent out. As early as your engagement, create an Excel spreadsheet, set aside a notebook, start using a software program, or do whatever else makes tracking presents simplest for you. Along with making your life easier, staying organized will also help you keep a detailed inventory of any cash received or new items for your home that need to be added to your insurance policy.


Brush up on Etiquette

Even if you’ve already got a good understanding of the basic rules, it never hurts to brush up on etiquette guidelines when getting ready to write out your thank you notes. My own favorite reference is the well-known classic Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette, which contains a helpful and straightforward section specifically devoted to thank you notes, along with useful guidelines about anything and everything else you’ll need to know when planning your big day. Many of the topics discussed in this post are also described there in further detail, so be sure to give it a read before putting pen to paper.


Start Early

While a good number of your thank you notes may indeed be written after the wedding, it certainly helps to get an early start when you can. By writing cards out as soon as possible after receiving each gift, you’ll be sure to save time later on while also letting your guests know that their presents arrived on time and without damage. Don’t have time to write immediately? No worries. Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette says it is acceptable to send thank you notes within three months of receiving a gift.


Keep Things Simple Yet Personal

If you get stumped about what to say, remember that wedding thank you notes don’t have to be especially lengthy to still be considered personal and heartfelt. Tailor each note to reflect your relationship with the recipient by being sincere, laid-back or even slightly humorous as appropriate. As long as each note includes a genuine expression of your appreciation, along with a brief explanation about how you plan to use the gift, your card should be good to go.


Don’t Leave Anyone out

Did your hired wedding vendors do an especially fabulous job? What about your parents or the members of your bridal party who put so much time into making your wedding day memorable? When writing your notes, don’t forget to thank these special people and others for all of their support. Yet another great way to thank stellar vendors is by sharing a positive review on sites like WeddingWire and Yelp, which will allow potential clients to see just how much you enjoyed working with them.


Personalize Your Cards

When you’re looking to add a creative touch to your thank you notes, you can never go wrong by sending out personalized cards featuring pictures, monograms and more. One especially popular idea is to have your photographer capture the two of you holding a “thank you” parasol or sign, which can then be featured on the cover of your cards. Of course, there are also other fun ways to personalize things, such as including a photo of you and a particular guest celebrating during the wedding, or you and your husband enjoying the special honeymoon dinner a guest helped fund.


Split the List

Who says you have to write all of the thank you notes yourself? Split the list with your fiancé so that each of you is responsible for writing to your own family members and friends. This will help save time and also ensure that each card best reflects your personal connection with the recipient.

Do you have any other helpful tips for writing wedding thank you notes? Have you decided to personalize your cards in an especially fun or creative way?

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Great tips, I kept a list of who gave us what and it really helped!

I will have to agree with Diana Trotter

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