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7 Something Blue Ideas for Your Wedding Attire ...

By Bridget

When it comes to a wedding, the old saying goes, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," and it may seem like these tokens are easy to incorporate into your wedding, but when it comes to something blue ideas for your attire, you may actually find that you are a little stumped. If you are struggling with something blue ideas, don’t fret! Here are some fantastic ways that you can incorporate this lovely hue into your wedding attire.

1 Blue Suede Shoes

Well, they don’t actually have to be suede - they can be any material that you want – but of all of the something blue ideas, your shoes are perhaps one of the easiest ways to tie the color into your attire. Any shade of blue will do: sapphire, turquoise, sky, navy, cobalt… pick hue that speaks to you and feature the shade on a great pair of shoes. You can even have fun with the style of shoes, too – consider heels, flats, flip flops or even sneakers, if that’s your thing.

2 It’s a Wrap

Consider sporting a wrap in order to incorporate the color blue into your wedding attire. Drape a lovely lace, silk or satin wrap around your shoulders when you walk down the aisle, or loop it around each of your elbows so that it drapes down low behind your back. Either way, a blue wrap can be a nice accent to your gown.


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3 Belt It up

Give a little splash of color to your wedding gown and include the ‘something blue’ into your wedding attire by wearing a blue belt around your waist. A blue satin sash tied around your waste will add a touch of whimsy to your gown, while a belt that features a broach with blue rhinestones will add a pop of unexpected and colorful bling.

4 Hair Accessories

Put a little blue accent in your hair on your wedding day. Have a few blue pins tucked up into your curls, or have a blue broach set on the side of your head. If you want to add some real whimsy, consider wearing a blue flower or a blue feather in your hair.

5 Blue Jewels

Every bride needs a great set of jewels to complete her look, and there are so many great blue jewels available, that this is an excellent way to tie the color into your look. Sapphire earrings, a blue topaz necklace or an aquamarine bracelet will look stunning set against your white gown.

6 Flowers of Blue

Instead of actually wearing the color blue, how about carrying it? A bouquet is a signature accent piece to a bride’s attire and it is a great way to tie in the color blue. You can carry a bouquet made up of blue hydrangea, blue roses, blue iris, morning glory or any other type of blue flowers. You can also have the stems of your bouquet wrapped with blue fabric.

7 Something Blue for Him and You

While your guests may not be able to see this something blue idea, you and your husband will know it’s there. Wear a pair of blue panties on your wedding day to tie in this shade. It will be your little secret together.

Are you getting married soon, or have you recently gotten married? How are you tying the color blue into your wedding day attire?

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