7 Colorful Wedding Dresses for a Non-Traditional Gown ...

Colorful wedding dresses are a great way to have a gorgeous and non-traditional ceremony. While colorful gowns may not be for everyone, they can make a great fashion statement. Colorful wedding dresses are becoming a big trend and these dresses will help you achieve the look!

1. Kelly Faetanini - Feathers

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When it comes to colorful wedding dresses, this purple ombre gown by Kelly Faetanini really takes the cake! There is so much to love about this dress. For starters, the fit to flare cut of the gown is flattering on nearly every figure. The satin and feather paring is a perfect way to get different textures without going overboard. And lastly, can we talk about the gorgeous purple ombre effect? Wow, just wow! This is a great and subtle way to make a statement about wearing a colorful wedding dress.

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