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5 Tips on Technology and Wedding Planning ...

By Diana

Today's guest post really reaches out to brides and grooms of 2011. **Technology **has become so important in our day to day lives, so why not wrap your wedding plans around it as well. Jakob Barry from Hometalkwants couples to know how much easier social media makes your **wedding planning **from using facebookand twitterto sending out invitations. What are your thoughts....
Wedding Planning with Electronic & Social Media....
Planning a wedding? It’s a huge task that can get pricey and out of control, especially if organization and budgeting aren’t top priorities. Nevertheless if taking the task upon yourself, one way to avoid amess is through utilizing free and indispensable social media resources and other online tools.

Doing so has its advantages such as less paper usage, little clutter, fewer physical letters in the snail mail, and learning new skills that can be applied elsewhere. It also has disadvantages such as internet problems being a hindrance, fear of not getting the job right because it’s all so new, and dealing with issues that come up along the way necessitating ingenuity and important people skills.

But as someone who chose this route for his own wedding I can honestly say it was convenient and worthwhile so if social media appeals to your needs and you think it can make a positive affect on the big day try out some of the following ideas:
Guest List...
First off, doing the guest list in a spread sheet is extremely useful for regrouping into alphabetical order or filtering the definites,maybes, and those not attending. However, consider using a spreadsheet in something like Google Documents, which allows access to multiple users from any location simultaneously. It’s a great tool for family members and friends helping the bride and groom remotely. For instance, if you’re not sure how many cousins you have on one side of the family or who of your parents friends should be on the list, have them enter the data themselves including addresses and phone numbers.
Twitter has been used in campaigning, polling, fundraising and more so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be used when planning a wedding. Request guests set up accounts in order to follow the groom and bride with short updates about the preparations such as, “Got the dress today!” and “We found a ring.” Doing so can make everyone part of the process.

Also, remember getting married isn’t just about the event but includes setting up a home which involves looking for furniture, apartments,and remodeling ideas if a residence is already picked out and needs renovations.

Using Twitter is a great way to get the message out in 140 characters or less that help in certain areas is much appreciated.
Online Invitations...
People still use snail mail for invitations but I recently went to awedding where the groom and bride printed a limited number of paper invitations for those who specifically needed or requested and emailed the rest via a freeonline service.

For the hosts it helped categorized all the necessary information as responses came in and for the guests the service worked nicely containing lots of useful information such as who to contact for questions, directions,photographs and more. Also, unlike paper invites which I often lose the digital one sat safely in my inbox.
Facebook Invites...
Another invite option is Facebook where people can be tracked down easily, events created, invitations sent out and once responses are received they can be added to the master list in Google Docs. Nevertheless, remember as with Twitter this works great if a majority of your guests are on Facebook, and for many people this may be the case. Still, there will be plenty of exceptions, which is where standard email comes in.

Also, as great as Facebook is in publicizing events be aware even avid Facebook users don’t have time to check every notification and some invitations may get lost, which again is where standard email or a phone call may be in order.
Last but not least if you have the time to blog do so as sharing your experience can be deeply inspiring for others. It’s also a great way for friends and family to follow the process more in depth and by the wedding you’ll have the entire early story of your lives together written down; a fun way to reminisce every year around the anniversary.

Special Thanks to Jakob Barry for these great tips!


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