10 Wonderful Castles for Romantic Weddings ...

If you dream of being a princess bride, you probably should be looking at castle weddings. Where better to live the dream than in a fairy tale castle? Incredibly romantic and with a sense of the dramatic and historic, castle weddings are an event to remember for so many reasons. Come with me as we coo over some fabulous castles for weddings.

1. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

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The UK has more than its fair share of venues for castle weddings than anywhere else and some of the best are in Scotland, where the wild ruggedness of the landscape is the perfect backdrop. Dalhousie Castle is an idyllic medieval pile, full of romance and history which includes having played host to royalty including Edward I and Mary Queen of Scots. Set in a riverside pasture and surrounded by forest, it is also only a very short distance from Edinburgh – a fantastic destination for a honeymoon. (And, you can even have your wedding ring delivered by an owl!)

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