6 Ways to Plan a Fairytale Wedding ...


6 Ways to Plan a Fairytale Wedding ...
6 Ways to Plan a Fairytale Wedding ...

Many little girls grow up watching Cinderellaand dream of having their own fairytale wedding one day. Some girls even dream big and plan an amazing Cinderella theme wedding right in Disney World! But even if you can't make it to Disney Worldor go all out from head to toe, there are little details you can add to your big day to turn it into the fairytale wedding you always dreamed of...

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Prince Charming Cake Topper...

Prince Charming Cake Topper... Price: $60.00 @ Etsy.com/shop/TawneeTheCreator

Are they not the most adorable couple! I love the look of this Cinderella **and **Prince Charming cake topper, it has a vintage look to it and it isn't too over the top. Even if you're not celebrating a fairytale theme, this could be a really cute cake topper for any wedding.


Carriage Favor Box...

Carriage Favor Box... Price: $2.58 @ Etsy.com/shop/KatBluStudio

How amazing are the details on this little favor box! Just one look and your guests will know where this carriage is from or that you're having a fairytale wedding! These laser cut carriage favor boxes would be fun for the seating card table or for favors at your bridal shower.


Fairytale Invitation...

Fairytale Invitation... Price: $8.00 @ Etsy.com/shop/PenniesPetitePaperie

When you're planning a **fairytale wedding **you want to give your guests a little hint of the amazing details that are awaiting them. Not only is your dream coming true, but you are making this a day filled with dreamy, romantic decor and you want your **invitation **to relay that feeling as well. How sweet is the heart shaped carriage!

Continue reading to see the fairytale gown...


Bridal Shower Cake...

Bridal Shower Cake... Photo: FairytalePhotographyvia DisneyWeddingblog

This gorgeous cake was actually at a beautiful Cinderella theme **wedding full of pumpkins and **glass slippers. Please promise me you will check out the rest of the stunning details! Though this is a remarkable wedding cake, I can see many fairytale brides having a cake like this at their bridal shower, where their soon-to-be husband will come in at the end asking his bride to try on the glass slipper! What do you think?


Princess Slipper...

Princess Slipper... Price: $198.00 @ Zapposby Stuart Weitzman

What's a fairytale, **Cinderella theme wedding **without the perfect **shoe **like the one she left behind at the ball? Not only is this Stuart Weitzmanshoe clear like Cinderella's glass slipper, but it also sparkles! Why couldn't I have found these flats sooner, I would have loved to wear these on my wedding day.


Cinderella Ballgown...

Cinderella Ballgown... Price: under $1,000 @ AlfredAngelo

I have just fallen head over heels in love with this stunning **Cinderella gown **by Alfred Angelo's Disneycollection! Is this not the perfect gown to make you feel like a **princess **on your wedding day? It flows, it sparkles, it's full of tulle and rhinestones, and has a sweetheart neckline; what more could a fairytale bride ask for!

What details are you planning for your fairytale wedding?

Top Photo: BrianDavidPhotographyvia DisneyWeddingBlog

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Such cute stuff. I really love the carriage favor box!! My dress is a little cindarella-ish! :)

I LOVE the Carriage Favor Box. Oh, what enchanting ideas to make one feel like a true Princess on her wedding day! :)

How lovely! Perfect for the Happy Ever After theme! Enjoy the wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

I love all these ideas!!! And what a great idea to make your own fairy tale wedding, even if it's not possible to have one at a Disney resort. I looked into those a while ago, and they are quite amazing! And soo expensive!

I dig the favor box and featured photo!!!

Just call it "6 ideas for a Cinderella-themed wedding", will you? All the other princesses are offended now

My favorite are the glass slippers. I think CInderella would have been very happy to wear them and maybe wouldn't have lost one either!

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