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5 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding ...

By Diana

To celebrate Earth Daytoday I thought it would be a great idea to share different ideas for an eco-friendly wedding. Even if you're not searching for how to "go green" for your wedding, there are little things you can do to prevent more waste. Check out these great ideas on how to do your part....

5 Going Green Gown...

Going Green Gown... Photo:

The first wedding item every bride looks for right after getting engaged is her beautiful wedding gown. There are two ways you can plan to go eco-friendly with your dress. One is to buy an all natural, hand-made gown like this hemp and silk dress from Threadhead. The second option is to donate your wedding gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer instead of trashing it for a photo shoot or keeping it in the back of your closet.

4 Eco-Friendly Favors...

Eco-Friendly Favors... Photo: Beau-Coup

Wedding favors have come a long way from the silly items guests would throw out or toss to the side. Go green with your favors and place settings with these personalized seed cards and put a little love back into the earth.

3 Going Green Registry...

Going Green Registry... Photo: Re-Modern

Did you know that your guests can buy you eco-friendly gifts for your wedding registry? These creative vases were made from recycled wine glasses, and the little drinking glasses were made from recycled beer bottles! Find your style with bamboo, organic, and recycled items at Re-Modern.

2 Eco-Friendly Honeymoon...

You can do more than just make your wedding day eco-friendly, now you can go on a "Going Green" honeymoon with the all-inclusive Sandals resorts. All Sandalsand Beacheslocations are trying to take steps to be aware of the imprint they are putting on this planet by saving water, energy, and paper. How will go green on your honeymoon?

1 Bridesmaid Gift...

Tote bags are a very trendy bridal gift for bridesmaids and out of town guests. Instead of buying personalized totes, go eco-friendly with this all natural cotton reusable tote. When your girls or guests use this tote as they shop they will remember the smart, green bride who gave it to them!

Do you have any eco-friendly ideas for your wedding?

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