7 Hot Wedding Photography Trends for 2013 ...

By Heather

7 Hot Wedding Photography Trends for 2013 ...

From boudoir shoots to photo booths, there are plenty of hot wedding photography trends for 2013 that couples everywhere have fallen in love with. Wondering what they are and how to make them a part of your own celebration? Here, Damien Smith of Los Angeles’ Damien Smith Photography shares a few top wedding photography trends for 2013 that are especially noteworthy. Take a look, and start gathering some fun ideas to add a trendy twist to your special day.

1 Boudoir Shoots

A big hit with brides in recent years, boudoir shoots continue to be popular, easily earning them a spot as one of the top wedding photography trends for 2013. Damien says that he has definitely been doing more bridal boudoir sessions as wedding photography add-ons, allowing brides to give their grooms a truly special and unique gift. Are you planning a boudoir shoot? Check out my previous post on “7 Sexy Boudoir Shoot Tips" for advice about how to prepare and what to expect.

2 Same-Day-Edit Slideshows

This is another trend that’s been around for a few years and is still hot! Damien finds that newlyweds love seeing a recap of events during the reception, and there’s hardly any question that their guests enjoy seeing some of the day’s special highlights, too. As a unique twist on the same-day-edit concept, the photo-sharing app Wedding Snap offers a live slideshow feature that allows guests to see their own photos displayed on-screen in real-time throughout the reception.

3 Photo Booths

I’ve mentioned photo booths a lot in some of my recent posts, and it’s not very hard to see why! Photo booths are fun for guests and the wedding couple alike, and are also incredibly easy to personalize with everything from creative backdrops to themed props. During 2013, Damien has seen an increased interest in digital delivery instead of instant prints, as well.

4 First Looks

First looks are another trend that’s big with couples this year, especially since they allow the bride and groom to share a private moment before the ceremony while also letting their photographer capture some amazing pictures ahead of time. First looks are particularly popular, Damien says, with couples who are having evening ceremonies or simply want to get to the party faster. At my own wedding, for instance, doing a first look allowed my groom and I to take everything from portrait shots to wedding party photos before the ceremony even began, giving us more time to spend with our guests later on.

5 Online Viewing Galleries

Another hot trend Damien is seeing a lot of this year is the creation of viewing galleries that make it easy for the couple to share their photos via Facebook and other types of social media. The photo-sharing app Wedding Snap, which I mentioned earlier, lets guests upload their photos and videos in real-time to a couple’s album throughout the day, allowing the couple to then easily use the Wedding Snap gallery to share photos and videos on Facebook.

6 Church Wedding Photos

Damien has also found that more couples are opting for church weddings this year, especially at older historic churches, which he says are simply beautiful in pictures. When choosing a venue for my own wedding, I definitely kept in mind how the setting would look in photos, which is something you will likely want to think about, as well. Of course, the best way to ensure amazing pictures is to hire a talented photographer, no matter what type of venue you choose.

7 Photos Capturing Vintage Themes

Like church weddings, Damien has found that vintage themes are picking up this year. Along with giving couples a chance to add a creative twist to the wedding, this theme allows for some truly gorgeous photos that showcase everything from old churches, as described earlier, to vintage attire and bouquet charms.

Thanks, Damien, for sharing your helpful tips and advice! Which of these wedding photography trends for 2013 is your favorite?

damiensmithphotography.com, weddingsnap.com

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