7 Wedding Dresses to Wear Your Second Time around ...


7 Wedding Dresses to Wear Your Second Time around ...
7 Wedding Dresses to Wear Your Second Time around ...

Not everyone is so lucky to get married just once, so for all the ladies out there having trouble picking out wedding dresses for your second wedding, here are a few lovely options for your second special day. Most people who end up getting married multiple times don’t usually end up throwing a huge wedding like the first time, but if you’re still having a notable celebration, it can be tricky figuring out what to wear. So without further ado, here is a list of beautiful wedding dresses for your second wedding.

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Oleg Cassini High-Low off the Shoulder Satin Ball Gown

Oleg Cassini High-Low off the Shoulder Satin Ball Gown This best-seller at David’s Bridal accentuates all the parts of your body that you want to show off on your wedding day. It’s a classic style, great for more mature women looking to keep things as traditional as possible. I think this is one of the best wedding dresses for your second wedding simply because it really will look amazing on everyone. Overall you are sure to radiate confidence and elegance as you stroll down the aisle for the second time.


This stunning piece combines the timeless appeal of a ball gown with the contemporary flair of a high-low hemline. Satin adds just the right amount of sheen to catch the light, and the off-the-shoulder design provides an air of sophistication while still flirty enough for a celebration. Whether it's a garden reception or a grand ballroom event, this gown's versatility makes it a perfect choice for any setting. With the added benefit of being easily danceable, you'll feel effortlessly graceful from the ceremony to the last dance.


DB Studio Sleeveless Short Organza Floral Cut out Dress

DB Studio Sleeveless Short Organza Floral Cut out Dress Another classic beauty from David’s Bridal! But how can you go wrong? It’s only $179 and I know people who spend thousands on their wedding dresses! Even when it comes to wedding dresses for your second wedding, there are some women who are still willing to break 5 digits. But aside from the low price, this gown is great for a small garden wedding or even a trip to city hall and a restaurant afterward. Who needs all those poofy princess dresses your second time around?!


This DB Studio gem is a testament to understated elegance. Imagine the delicate organza fabric catching the light as you move, with florals seemingly floating around you. The cut-out details add just enough intrigue to keep onlookers enchanted without overdoing it. Perfect for the bride who covets simplicity with a twist of sophistication, it's proof that second weddings can be just as special, and style needn't come with a hefty price tag. Whether you're whispering 'I do' amidst nature or sharing a toast in an upscale bistro, you're bound to feel effortlessly chic.


Ruth Gown by Simply Bridal

Ruth Gown by Simply Bridal If you are planning a huge event for your second wedding, this gorgeous gown might be the right choice for you. I immediately added it to my list of wedding dresses for your second wedding because it’s just so regal and stunning. We all know that first tries don’t always work out, so what better way to start over than with a huge tribute to all things new and wonderful (aka a second wedding)? So feel free to go crazy! This dress is available at 75% off, so why not show everyone that age is only a number and you are only as old as you feel? It’s your day, and you deserve to feel immortally beautiful!


Poetic Lace by Mori Lee

Poetic Lace by Mori Lee Who says all wedding dresses for your second wedding have to be short and boring? This number by Mori Lee drops in the back and tailors to a woman’s curves. Maybe you’re not a lace person but this one comes in a variety of shades and colors, so if you’re feeling sexy and daring, why not wear black? Some women don’t feel right wearing white for their second wedding, so maybe a darker shade is your thing. Regardless, don’t hesitate to find what really suits you and your soon-to-be second husband.


The Poetic Lace by Mori Lee design is perfect for the bride wanting to make a statement without compromising on elegance. Perhaps you're envisioning a more romantic vibe, or possibly a vintage twist to your special day—there's a style to satisfy every whim. The dress captures an essence of sophistication while allowing for personalized touches through its shade flexibility. It's a gesture to the modern bride who honors tradition but isn't afraid to add a contemporary spin to her ensemble. After all, your wedding dress should be as unique as your love story, celebrating your journey and the chapters still to be written.


Allure Bridals Satin V-neck

Allure Bridals Satin V-neck I have seen photos of women wearing this type of dress as early as the 1950s, and then in the '80s as well. Surprisingly, I even saw someone the other day wearing a dress similar to this one. So what better proof that a dress is timeless than that? I love all things satin and silk, so if you’re like me this may be a great option when choosing wedding dresses for your second wedding. But nevertheless, if you’re stuck deciding what to wear, give this style a shot! It’s available at Allure Bridals in sizes 2-32.


JS Collections Soutache Overlay Gown

JS Collections Soutache Overlay Gown Available at Nordstrom is this mid-length gown, which is great if you can’t decide between something super short or flowing and long. Most people can agree that dresses that fit naturally to your body type always look best. This piece has an interesting ornate overlay, which is perfect if you have a bit of a tummy that you want to hide. If you’re planning on buying something totally unique and different while shopping for wedding dresses for your second wedding, I wouldn’t say this is it. But if you want a dress that fits you best, regardless of if you gain a few pounds between now and the big day, and that has a gorgeous style perfect in any lighting- then this may be the one for you.


The soutache embroidery on this gown stands out with its intricate patterns, adding a layer of sophistication that gently drapes, camouflaging your midsection with style and grace. It's not just about concealing—it's about celebrating your shape with a design that's both forgiving and flattering. Whether the event is an indoor ceremony or an outdoor reception, the gown's detail sparkles subtly, ensuring that you look timeless. For a bridesmaid who values elegance with a touch of uniqueness, this dress is a stellar choice. Imagine the compliments, as you elegantly stride down the aisle, this dress is poised to make a lasting impression.


Sheath Charmeuse Dress with Ruffles

Sheath Charmeuse Dress with Ruffles I like this one as an option for wedding dresses for your second wedding, because it’s simple yet has just the right amount of sensuality for you second special day. It’s knee-length with columns in in the center and subtle draping, but in the photo it looks very plain! The silkiness of the fabric accentuates curves and almost creates them if you happen to be somewhat bony and petite. On your second special day, I think this is just the dress you need to make things even more spectacular. Most women refer to their favorite LBD when they don’t know what to wear, how about a smashing LWD?

Wedding dresses for your second wedding clearly come in all shapes, sizes and styles, but when you get right down to it, only you know what’s best for you! I like to think these suggestions might help you along the way in your search for the right one. Can you think of other options not included on this list of wedding dresses for your second wedding? What is your favorite style? If you are planning your second wedding, what do you look for in a dress? Do tell!

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