9 Beautiful Wedding Gown Sash Ideas ...


9 Beautiful Wedding Gown Sash Ideas ...
9 Beautiful Wedding Gown Sash Ideas ...

While you can never go wrong with a classic white dress, tying on a pretty wedding gown sash can add the perfect extra touch of color, sparkle and personality to your already stunning ensemble. Thinking of wearing a wedding gown sash, but not quite sure which style is right for you? Check out these nine ideas for a quick glimpse at just a handful of the many gorgeous designs available.

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Bright & Bold

Bright & Bold Bold and sassy, a wedding gown sash with colorful floral details is just right for the bride who wants to add a colorful and non-traditional element of fun to her look. I think a sash like this would be a great choice for a chic outdoor summer celebration. It would also look every bit as eye-catching in photos as in person.


Classic White

Classic White Like the idea of wearing a sash, but prefer one that’s a bit more classic and less trendy? A white floral sash adds a more understated, romantic vibe that’s not the least bit overpowering. Of course, some wedding gowns even come with a pretty sash already attached, so be sure to consider these styles along with tie-on options when shopping.


Colorful Rosettes

Colorful Rosettes There’s nothing like a whimsical sash featuring a set of multicolored rosettes to help dress up a simple wedding gown. Prefer to skip the sash and focus more attention on your hair? These types of rosettes would also be a beautiful addition to a headband or fascinator.


Something Blue

Still on the hunt for your something blue? Consider a simple ribbon sash in a shade that complements your color scheme. If that seems too basic, you can also look for one featuring additional lovely details like rosettes or feathers. Tying the bow off to the side in front also adds an extra touch of sweetness.


For those brides wishing to subtly incorporate "something blue" within their ensemble, there are other delightful options. You could choose a sash adorned with small blue gemstones or beading to catch the light and sparkle as you move. Alternatively, delicate blue embroidery on your sash can add a touch of elegance without overwhelming your overall look. For a more personal touch, consider having your wedding date or initials embroidered in blue thread—a timeless keepsake that you can treasure long after your special day. Remember, this blue accent represents love and fidelity, making it a meaningful addition to your gown.


Elegant Crystals

Elegant Crystals Brooches have recently become a popular alternative to traditional flowers in bridal bouquets, and affixing a crystal one to a sash can easily add an instant dose of glamour. Whether the sash already comes with a brooch attached or you have the option of adding your own, get creative and choose whichever combination of colors and designs best suits your personal style and wedding theme.



When your dress needs a little extra bling, a bejeweled sash certainly does the trick. Looking for one that includes crystals? Beads? Pearls? With so many stunning possibilities, the end result is entirely up to you!


A bejeweled sash is more than just an accessory—it transforms the entire aesthetic of your gown. Think of how diamond-like rhinestones could capture the light with every step you take. Consider the subtle elegance that pearl adornments can bring, offering a nod to classic bridal beauty. Or maybe you desire the intricate details that fine beads can provide, creating a pattern that’s as unique as your love story. Tailor it to your tastes and watch your wedding dress come to life with a shimmer that’s as personal as your vows.


Peacock Feathers

Peacock Feathers A popular design motif at weddings throughout the past several years, peacock feathers give your sash a classy, vintage feel. Best of all, they can easily be paired with other types of feathers in various shades, along with beading, rhinestones and more.


Intricate Beading

Intricate Beading Speaking of beading, why not choose a sash that uses it to create an intricate and truly unique design? A sash like this strikes me as being ideal for a beautiful outdoor southwestern wedding. Do you agree? Where could you see it being worn?


Chic Drama

Chic Drama Complete with sparkling crystals, an ebony sash adds the ultimate touch of drama to your day. Do you like this sash, or would you pick one in a cheerier shade?

As you can see, sashes come in all sorts of designs and sizes, making it easy and fun to find the one you love best! Are you planning to walk down the aisle wearing a wedding gown sash? What type of style will you choose?

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