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8 Fun Ideas for a Signature Wedding Cocktail ...

By Diana

A signature wedding cocktail is a fun way to pull your overall theme together from start to finish. Play with your wedding colors, the season, and wedding traditions when you are trying to create a memorable signature wedding cocktail...

1 Spicy Tequila Sunrise

Spicy Tequila SunriseIf you are getting married in the summer, obsessed with the on-trend ombre effect, and love spicy foods, this signature wedding cocktail is for you! I wonder how spicy it really is; the recipe does call for a jalapeno pepper slice! Check out for the complete recipe details.

2 Something Blue Cocktail

Something Blue CocktailIf you still aren't sure what to do for your "something blue," why not have a blue signature wedding cocktail? No need to find a blue garter belt when you have a drink that will stand out, like this Royal Blue cocktail. You'll only need 1 oz of blue curacao liqueur to turn this recipe into your something blue. Stop by for the recipe ingredients and directions.

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3 Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider SangriaWhat a great signature cocktail recipe for a Fall wedding! The warm color and the apple details bring Autumn's charms to your cocktail hour. Head on over to for this signature wedding cocktail recipe that all your guests will be asking for!

4 Berry Bellini Float

Berry Bellini FloatIce cream in a signature wedding cocktail? Where was this idea when I was getting married! What's not to love about this recipe: champagne, peach sorbet, and mixed berries... need I say more? This would also make a nice signature drink for your bridal shower, but who says you can't have it at both events! Stop by for other fun cocktail float ideas.

5 Blueberry Lavender Mojito

Blueberry Lavender MojitoComplement your purple decor with this beautiful cocktail as your go-to drink during your big day. If you love mojitos but want something unique for your guests to drink, this blueberry lavender twist will certainly give them something to talk about. Be bold and check out the recipe details at

6 Peach Mint Julep

Peach Mint JulepThis delicious-looking drink recipe is another fun twist on an old favorite that can be served as your signature wedding cocktail. Mint Juleps are very popular in the South, so if you're planning a country rustic theme consider mixing things up a bit when you add peach juice to this classic drink. Mosey on over to for the complete details.

7 Bailey's Minty Mistletoe

Bailey's Minty MistletoeWhat a cute name for a signature wedding cocktail, one that would be perfect for a winter-themed big day. This drink is so easy to make, your wedding bartender won't know what to do with all of his time! While sipping on your minty drink, don't forget to kiss under the actual mistletoe! Head on over to for the recipe. Please note: there is no mistletoe in this drink (mistletoe is actually quite poisonous!); it's just a fun name for the cocktail.

8 Lemon Drop

Lemon DropLemon liqueur has become so popular lately that even celebs are putting their names on lemon cocktail bottles. Serve Lemon Drops for your signature wedding cocktail and feel like a star with this zesty, wake-you-up citrus drink. Would you believe that this recipe comes from

You don't have to feature a signature wedding cocktail during your big day to make your cocktail hour something to remember. However, if you are looking for ways to bring unique little details to your wedding, a signature cocktail can help complete your theme and give your guests something to talk about. Which of these drinks best matches your wedding-day theme? Or are you planning another signature cocktail? Do tell!

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