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8 Tips on How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning ...

By Heather

If you're planning your wedding, learning how to use Pinterest for wedding planning is a must! Wedding planning is hard enough without being able to keep organized and drawing inspiration. Pinterest does it for you! Learning how to use Pinterest for wedding planning is really easy and it's a fantastic tool for all kinds of inspiration.

1 Help with Theme

Do you have a theme for your wedding yet? This is one the top ways on how to use Pinterest for wedding planning! Whether you are going with an old barn theme or you really want something upscale, Pinterest has you covered! For me, I'm all about the French theme and there are so many ideas on Pinterest!

2 Digital Inspiration Board

I think that every single wedding has to have some sort of inspiration board. This is where you can draw your inspiration from and where you can put everything you want to remember. Well, that's exactly what Pinterest is! It's a digital inspiration board that holds everything that you want!


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3 DIY Bride

If you are a DIY bride, this is the perfect website for you! Pinterest is filled with tons and tons of DIY projects that will make your wedding super fun and totally easy to plan! Whether you want to use mason jars as your centerpieces or you really just want to do something out there for your favors, these DIY ideas are great!

4 Favor Ideas

If you have absolutely no idea what to give out for your favors, Pinterest can help! They can give you all kinds of ideas of what will go with your theme perfectly and even give you some inspiration on what you can make yourself! Pinterest actually helped me out a lot with my favors!

5 Cake Inspiration

How about the cake? It is a focal point at any wedding, so you want to make sure that it is mind-blowing. With Pinterest, it can actually help you with everything from finding the perfect cake to making your own! Pinterest will give you a ton of ideas for a cake that fits your theme. Trust me on this one, there are a ton of different cakes on there and there is sure one on there that will fit into your theme!

6 Flower Help

How about flowers? Do you have absolutely no idea what type of flowers you are going to use or what your bouquet will look like? Well then, why not take a look on Pinterest? They have lots of different flowers and scads of different bouquet ideas, all right at your fingertips!

7 Centerpieces

Oh, the amount of centerpieces that Pinterest has on it? It's incredible, girls! Whether you are thinking about flowers, candles or doing something completely different, there is something for everyone here. It's a great place to really find inspiration and really make your wedding different!

8 Hairstyles

Finally, the last way that Pinterest can help for your wedding planning can be with hairstyles as well. If you don't know if you want to go with The Hunger Games inspired braids or if you want to go with something spiral and unique – Pinterest will help you!

So, are you convinced that Pinterest is the perfect wedding planning tool yet? Give it a try! What other uses does Pinterest have? Name 'em off below!

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