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If you’re looking for tips for planning a superfast wedding, congratulations on your exciting news. But planning any wedding is stressful, and even more so if it’s in a hurry, so here are 7 tips for planning a superfast wedding that will hopefully keep things running smoothly.

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Location, Location, Location

If you’re planning a superfast wedding, your venue is the most important thing to get booked first, because a lot of popular places will already be booked up. This goes for both the ceremony and reception venues, regardless of whether you are having a religious or civil ceremony. This is one of the most important tips for planning a superfast wedding, as it’s no good having your dress, rings and photographer all ready to go without a venue booked.


Get Those Invitations out Fast!

When planning a wedding on a short timescale, it’s very important to send out your invitations are early as possible in order to give guests as much notice as you can. If there’s a delay in getting the invitations out for any reasons, tell people the date beforehand so they can keep it free.


Have a to-do List

If you’re doing everything at the last minute, you’re more likely to forget something. Make sure you’ve got a list of all the things that you need to organize, and tick them off as you go. The worst thing possible would be to realise the night before that you don’t have a cake or a DJ!


Know Your Budget

One of the risks of organising a superfast wedding is that you can rush into things and not think about whether you can really afford it. You’ll also have a lot more costs all at once, rather than more spread out, so work out your budget and stick to it. This is definitely one of the most important tips for planning a superfast wedding


Don’t Compromise on Quality

Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean that you should choose things you’re not happy with. Don’t give in to the pressure of the deadline by settling for things you don’t like because you’ll regret it later. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate with venues, shops, and anyone you’re purchasing anything from to get exactly what you want. It doesn’t matter how quickly you’ve organized your big day, you should enjoy it.


Be Decisive

On the other hand, if you’re working to a tight deadline, it’s more important than usual to be decisive. If you waste a week trying to decide between this venue and that venue, they could both be booked up by the time you’ve made a decision. If you like something and it offers what you need, then just go for it.


Make Sure You’re Doing It for the Right Reasons

The last, but perhaps most important of all the tips for planning a superfast wedding, is to only go ahead with it if it’s exactly what you want. Even today, many women are pressured (by family or their partner) into marrying when they find themselves pregnant. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a wedding forward due to a pregnancy, but it shouldn’t be the only reason to get married.

Did you get married in a hurry or are you planning to get married very soon? What tips for planning a superfast wedding could you share with others?

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I think the budget is definitely a big part.

Agreed on venue first. But if planning in a hurry (as I was in this aspect) be open to options for this. I've floated the mention of budget, time, and booking constraints, to many family and friends and was pleasantly surprised with solid suggestions. Including: vacation homes for rent, botanical gardens, state parks, public parks and beaches. The biggest shock was how many people offered their own home, vacation home, or even to cash in a favor to meet our goals. Networking is key in making things happen in general. Momma was right also about not knowing until you ask. Apparently, these principles are true for quickly planing weddings as well. Good luck!

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