7 First Things to do after Getting Engaged ...


There are some things that should definitely make the list of the first things to do after getting engaged. It is such a busy and exciting time that important things can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. This list of the first things to do after getting engaged will help to keep you on track. They will help you get your wedding season off to a wonderful and organized start.

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Make the Announcement

One of the first things to do after getting engaged is to make the announcement. You are excited and happy and you want to let others share in that excitement and joy. There are a lot of different ways you can do this. You can do a big announcement at a party or tell people individually. You can also put an announcement in the local paper or do something creative to spread the news.


Set a Date

You need to set a date after you become engaged. Even if you don’t want to pin it down to a numerical date on the calendar yet, you should start thinking about what month you may prefer. At least pin it down to a season. You can’t really start a lot of your planning until you have a time frame to work with. It will affect many different things from what clothing choices you make for everyone in your wedding party to location and more.


Choose Your Wedding Party

Another one of the first things you need to do is choose your wedding party. You need to consider who you want for each attendant. This is a big decision. You also need to consider how many attendants that you want to have. After you make that decision, you will be able to start thinking about what you would like your attendants to wear.


Decide on a Budget

Before you can really begin a lot of your planning you need to decide on a wedding budget. Do you want a big wedding with all the bells and whistles or a smaller affair with just your closest friends and family? What can you really afford? Those are questions you need to consider before you start moving into the actual planning phase. Another good step is to not only set an overall budget but to decide on how much of your budget to allocate to each category of the wedding.


Start Pinteresting

If you haven’t already, it is time to start Pinteresting. Pinterest is a wonderful website that is great to help you with many areas of your life, but it is especially good for helping you with wedding planning. There is a wealth of information and creative ideas at your fingertips. Additionally, it is a lot of fun and will really get you excited for your wedding.


Insure Your Rings

This is a step that sometimes slips past you in all of the excitement of getting engaged but it is an important one to take care of. You need to insure your rings. You also need to make a habit of having your ring inspected regularly. It is best to write yourself a reminder on your calendar for however often your jewelry store recommends that you have that done. Doing this makes you far less likely to encounter problems down the road with your rings.


Dream Together

Half of the fun of the wedding is putting it together. Take time to enjoy talking about it and dreaming about it. Share what you want with your partner and be sure to ask about what they want too. This is the first step into your future together as a couple. It should be a fun and exciting time for you as a couple.

These are 7 of the first steps you should take after getting engaged. What were the first things you did after you got engaged or what are the first things you plan to do after getting engaged? Share with us!

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