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7 Ways to Be a Wonderful Bridesmaid ...

By Alicia

There are a lot of ways to be a wonderful bridesmaid. Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor. It means that you are very special to the bride. This collection of 7 ways to be a wonderful bridesmaid can help you know how to accomplish that goal.

1 Express Your Appreciation at Being Asked

The first of the ways to be a wonderful bridesmaid is very simple. Express your appreciation at being asked. This is always appropriate, even if you are unable to fulfil the role. It is important to let the bride know that you appreciate that she thinks so much of you. This also validates to the bride that she made the right decision in choosing you.

2 Don’t Complain about Your Dress

Bridesmaid dresses have come a long way but the truth is that your bridesmaid dress may not be one that you would have personally chosen to wear. It can be difficult when this is the case. But if you want to be a wonderful bridesmaid, you will not complain about this. Complaining would dim the bride’s joy which is something that you do not want to do. Wearing the dress with a good attitude will also make you feel really good about yourself and what a good person that you are.


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3 Be Willing to Help

If you want to be a wonderful bridesmaid, you need to have a willingness to help the bride. What do I mean? Just be willing to help her with things she needs to do. Help her choose her wedding shoes, jewelry or whatever she asks of you. Be there for her when she needs some assistance with her upcoming wedding in any way you can.

4 Help with the Shower

It is a good idea to help with the shower if you are a bridesmaid. No, it isn’t your responsibility to throw the shower but you can assist. You can help with the cost of it by offering to take care of something such as beverages or party favors. You can also help serve at the shower. You do need to try to be at any of the bridal showers that you are invited to.

5 Be There for the Bride when She Needs a Friend

Going through the planning of a wedding is a wonderful time but it is not without its stresses. The bride needs a friend during this time. You can choose to be there for her and offer her support when she is feeling scared or unsure if everything is going to come together. You can help her when she gets a case of cold feet. Part of being a bridesmaid is being a good friend to the bride.

6 Give a Nice Gift

Notice I did not say to give an expensive gift. As a bridesmaid, you do need to make sure that you have a thoughtful gift for the bride. Your gift will mean a lot to her. After all, she has already said that you mean a lot to her by choosing you to be her bridesmaid. Make sure that you put some thought into the gift you give and try your best to give her one that you feel suits her best.

7 Compliment the Bride

This is such a simple tip that helps to make you a wonderful bridesmaid. Compliment the bride on her wedding day. Your compliment will mean so much to her. Be truthful in your compliment because it always shows. You can even write her a card later and tell her how beautiful she looked and how much you enjoyed being part of her special day.

These 7 tips will take you far in being a wonderful bridesmaid. What other things do you think are important in being a good bridesmaid? Let’s all weigh in here!

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