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There are many ways to honor lost loved ones at your wedding. A wedding is a joyous occasion, but there can be an element of sadness when someone you deeply love is missing. If you wish to honor them at your wedding, there are many ways you can do that. These are 7 of the popular ways to honor lost loved ones at your wedding.

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Display a Photo

One of the popular ways to honor lost loved ones at your wedding is to display a photo of them. A photo is a way to honor them that is very personal. Your guests may enjoy seeing a photo of the person that has meant so much to you and had an influence on your life. It can be a professional photo or even some candid shots that you feel captured their personality best. It is up to you.


Light a Candle in Their Memory

Another way to honor lost loved ones at your wedding is to light a candle in their memory. This does not have to be something that is done during the ceremony. It is fine to have the candle already lit. It could be displayed on a table nearby with a note that explains it is lit in memory. You could also light a candle near the photo of your lost loved one so that you are combining these first two options.


Dedicate a Song in Their Memory

You can choose to dedicate a song in the memory of your lost loved one. It could be one of their favorite songs or one that makes you think of them. You can do this in whatever way you wish. This is a way that others can share in your memory. You can even explain that the song is in memory of your lost loved one on the wedding program.


Serve a Food They Loved

This is a very unique way to honor a lost loved one. Serve a food that they loved at your reception. You can explain verbally about that addition to the menu if you wish. It is also something that only you will know if you want it to be a private thing. It may make it more special to you if you choose to keep it a secret.


Mention Them in a Toast

Of course, you can mention them in a toast. It is a wonderful way to honor a lost loved one. You can talk about the relationship you had. You can share about the ways they influenced your life. Whatever you want to share will undoubtedly be heartfelt and well-received.


Leave the Role Unfilled

You can also choose this option to honor a lost loved one. If your lost loved one would have played a prominent role in your wedding, you can choose to leave the role unfilled. Some examples would be if you have lost your father, you might choose to walk down the aisle alone. If your fiancé has lost the person they would have chosen to have as their best man, they may choose to not fill the role. This is a very touching way to honor your lost loved one. The significance will not be lost on your guests.


Use Something They Gifted to You

This is a private way to honor a lost loved one. You can choose to use something they have gifted to you. It could be wearing a perfume they gave you. You might wear a piece of jewelry they passed on to you. Even a piece of furniture such as a table could be incorporated into the wedding if you are creative.

These are some ideas that can help you honor lost loved ones in your wedding. What are your thoughts on these ideas? Are any of them helpful to you?

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