7 Wedding Decisions That He Should Be Making or Have Input on ...


Even if your guy claims he is fine with any decision you make for the wedding, there are some wedding decisions that he should be making or at least have an input on. Some of the wedding decisions are things he probably won’t care about. Usually those are things such as what colors you choose or the flowers you like. But other things will matter to him. Let’s talk about a few of those.

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Honeymoon Location

The location where you honeymoon is something that is usually a joint decision. It is absolutely fine for you to share that you are dreaming of the tropics, but you don’t want to completely steamroll him here. The honeymoon is one of the wedding decisions that should be made together. The honeymoon is for both of you so it should be made by both of you.


His Best Man

Ladies, his best man needs to be his choice. It’s fine if he wants your brother to stand up next to him but it should be fine if he doesn’t. Even if you don’t like his choice, let him have this one. Unless the guy he wants has very obviously tried to break the two of you up, keep your lips zipped on this one. There will be other battles to fight, ladies.


Flavor of the Cake

You guy may not care if the cake has edible flowers or flowers made of icing, but he most likely will care about the flavor. If you have an appointment to taste potential flavors your wedding cake could be, take him with you. It’s okay if he isn’t interested in the design of the cake. You can choose that with your mom or your sister if he prefers. But let him help choose the flavor.


The Music

Your guy should weigh in on what music he would like for your ceremony and reception. After all, he will be dancing to it, too. He may have some favorite songs. He may have some special songs that make him think of you. Asking his opinion could reveal some of his very romantic feelings toward you.


The Gift Registry

The gift registry can be a very fun activity to do together. You can make a date night out of it. Believe it or not, he will probably have an opinion on several of the things for your future home. You can also learn some things about him that you didn’t already know by registering for gifts together. You could learn his favorite colors for the home or what he might enjoy cooking for you in the future.


The Guest List

The guest list is something you should both be involved in the process of. Here is the thing. You don’t know all of his family as well as he does, even if you have dated several years. You could accidentally leave someone out. Additionally, he may have acquaintances he wishes to invite that you have never had the opportunity to meet.


His Wedding Ring

Each couple handles the way that they shop for wedding rings differently and that is perfectly fine. However, if he isn’t going to choose his own wedding ring, it can be a good idea to at least ask him what sort of wedding ring he would like. There may be certain features he wants that you never considered. He may prefer a certain metal. It will mean a lot to him that you care about his preferences.

There are a lot of details that most grooms are happy to leave to their brides. Then there are some wedding decisions they do want to help decide. What decisions have you found your groom wants to help make?

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