How to Trim Your Wedding Guest List without Going Crazy ...


Cutting down your wedding guest list can be difficult. After all, you want to share this beautiful day with everyone. But sometimes that isn’t possible. When that happens, these are some questions you can ask yourself to determine whom to cut when cutting down your wedding guest list.

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Is This Person Family?

One question you can ask yourself is if this person is family. You don’t necessarily have to cut them if they aren’t. These questions aren’t a direct answer of whom to cut, but more of a start in the right direction in revealing who might be a guest to cut or keep when you are cutting down your wedding guest list. The more questions that show negatively against a guest, the more you will be able to see whom to cut. These questions can show you the answer to that more clearly.


Have You Seen This Person in the Last Year?

If you haven’t seen the person in the last year, you may want to consider cutting them from your guest list. Of course, if it is a dear aunt you are close to, that wouldn’t be the case. But an acquaintance that you knew long ago? That might be a candidate to be cut. These are questions to help you think of your guest list a little more in depth.


Are They a Friend or an Acquaintance?

This is another good question to ask yourself. Are they a friend or an acquaintance? If they are only an acquaintance, you may want to consider cutting them. The standard for how strict you need to be when cutting down your guest list is determined by the number of guests you can allow for. You have to figure in the size of your family and friends, first.


Would You Receive an Invitation to Their Wedding?

I think this question is very revealing. Would you receive an invitation to their wedding if they were getting married? If you don’t feel you would, it is probably time to cut them from your guest list. Why extend an invitation to someone who would not do so to you? If you have extra slots and feel generous then there is no issue, but if you have to make cuts, this person should go.


Is This Person Family but a Very Distant Relation?

If you or your fiancé are from a very large family then you may have an issue on your hands. If you invited every single family member then you might not have room for anyone else. It may be time to cut some of the more distant family members. This can make room for your close family and your dearest friends. Friends are very important in your life, too.


Is This Person Important to Your Fiancé?

Is this person important to your fiancé? You know whom you are close to and who is important to you. You may not know that for your fiancé. You want to be careful to discuss any cuts you make on the guest list on his side. It is the respectful thing to do.


Can You Imagine Your Wedding Day without Them Present?

If you cannot imagine your wedding day without this person present then they need to stay on the guest list. Find someone else to cut. If this person is important to you and has been a major influence in your life, they need to be there. You need them to be part of your wedding day. These are hard questions to ask but they can be very helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

I hope these questions help you to make the decisions you have to make about cutting your guest list down. What else has helped you decide in this situation? I would love to hear from you.

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