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You may have never thought about it but there are some good reasons to take wedding selfies. This is a relatively new area of wedding photography as selfies are still sort of a new concept. They only take a second to click and immediately you have the photo for whatever you wish to do with it. These are some reasons to take wedding selfies that you might want to consider.

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They’re Very Real

Selfies are very real. They paint true pictures of you. They are wonderful at truly capturing the spirit of your surroundings. They have a realness that your photographer may be hard-pressed to capture. This is one of the reasons to take wedding selfies.


They’re in the Moment

Selfies aren’t usually given a tremendous amount of thought which can actually be a good thing. They are more of a smile and click photo. For this reason, they are really in the moment and have a unique quality about them. They capture what is going on at that very second in time. You may love looking back at those selfies in years to come.


They’re Fun

Selfies are just fun! If they weren’t, why else would people take so many? You are the subject and the photographer. You get to control the pose, the background and everything. They are really the best sort of photo in a lot of ways.


It’s a Different Angle on Memories

Selfies are going to capture pictures that give a different angle than other photos do. You will look back and think about the moments that you chose to take them. They aren’t strictly structured as professional wedding photos can be. It’s good to capture memories of your wedding day in many different ways. Selfies are one great way to do that.


They Can Be Funny

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Selfies can be funny. They can capture the lighter side of life, especially if you are in the mood to look for humor. If you take any that you don’t want to share, you can keep them all to yourself. It may be the laugh you and your new husband enjoy looking back on from your wedding day.


You Can Share Them Instantly

If you want to share your photos on social media, you can share them instantly when you take selfies. You may have to wait weeks for your wedding photos to be ready to share with family and friends. That isn’t the case with selfies; they are an instant share if you wish to share them. This is also wonderful for friends and family that couldn’t make it to your wedding. The guests that could make it will enjoy seeing them, too. They can be shared with a couple little clicks; it’s so very easy.


They Could Be Your Favorite Wedding Pictures

You just never know. Your wedding selfies could end up being some of your favorite wedding pictures. After all, they are up close and personal. They have the perfect angle to capture your private happiness in a look between the two of you or that sweet stolen kiss. And they could be the perfect profile picture.

What are your thoughts? Will you take wedding selfies? Share your thoughts on this subject!

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