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I'm writing this post about wedding etiquette because my sister recently got married and I am happy to know that a lot of the people who attended the celebration we're very considerate. I say this with gratitude because in most of the weddings I attend, I see a lot of people who fail to realize that the event is really about the couple and not them. Here are seven points of wedding etiquette which I think every wedding guest should seriously take note of:

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Don't Just Eat, then Leave

This is not to say that those people do not know the appropriate acts to take during weddings. It's just that they became insensitive or maybe, just downright stupid. Please, when you attend a wedding don't just eat and leave. Have some respect and decency. It's part of wedding etiquette and plain good manners to spend a couple of minutes in exchanging some pleasantries with other guests or with the couple before speeding off to your next appointment.


Bring Some Sort of Gift

It doesn't need to be expensive, but when you attend a wedding I guess it's proper to say that you should bring some sort of gift. It might be a couple of plates, a set of six glasses, or a buffet dinner for two in a restaurant. Again, no need for pricey gifts. Your presence is already a gift to the couple; by bringing another gift you just make them feel a lot more special on the best day of their lives


Do Not Overdress

In other words, don't steal the limelight from the bride. Dress appropriately. Be modest and attractive. How to strike the balance is your responsibility. Just please give this day to the bride and control yourself from grabbing everyone's focus. You don't want to steal the attention of the groom.



Humpy grumpy individuals are not welcome at weddings. It's a day of happiness and celebration and the least you can do on this day is to spread good tidings and positive vibes. Smile. Smile some more. Who knows, you might find a great guy when you turn your head and flash your pearly whites.


Greet the Couple

The couple might be busy but don't forget to greet them. Walk up to the top table and shake hands with the groom or give the bride a kiss on the cheek. Congratulate them and wish them happiness for the rest of their lives. Be genuinely happy for them. They will really appreciate it.


Be Discreet about Checking out the Hot Guys/girls

At some point in my single life, I turned to weddings as the venue to scour (ha!) for possible Prince Charmings. True enough, there were a lot of them! I didn't find my husband at wedding receptions though. But, ladies and gents, be discreet please. Don't be too obvious. At least wait until the after party to show off your killer moves.


Don't Get Drunk

It's not your party, honey! And you can't accomplish your goal in number 6 when you're wasted. Know your limit. If you do, you'll know the reason why liquor advertisements always say "Drink moderately".

I'm sure I missed more points so feel free to share your own experiences and suggestions. What do you think?

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This just saved me from being a terrible guest just in time for the wedding I'm attending on Saturday. This list is great, thank you so much for writing it!!!

Hmm what do people think about everyone's phones being out while the marriage itself is taking place? I took photos at one wedding with my phone, but after that I decided to leave it in the bag and enjoy the moment. Wish others could do the same, I enjoyed the next wedding a lot more!

It's funny u see all those kinda ppl in weddings all the time


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