Planning Your Wedding? You Need to Know These 9 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special ...


You want your bridesmaids to go the extra mile for you on your big day. Undoubtedly they will, but schmoozing them a little and keeping them sweet will certainly help things go smoothly. Plus it’s nice to make your bridesmaids feel special and have them really be a part of your big day, in the run up and for the event itself.

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Socialize the Group

There is a good chance that your bridesmaids will be a mixture of childhood and adulthood friends and family members, so a great way make them feel special and to ease potential awkwardness is to have a few nights or occasions together before the big day. The entire day will be so much more fun if your bridesmaids all get along!


Involve Them in the Process

Of course, you and your partner are the people are the ones who will be making all of the final decisions, but try to include your bridesmaids in the wedding planning process by asking advice and seeking opinions on certain aspects. This will make them feel much more valued at the wedding and make them feel like they are positively contributing to the big day.


Offer to Cover Some Costs

Your bridesmaids will be some of your best friends and wouldn’t miss your big day for the world, but consider helping them out financially if you have managed to book your dream wedding in another country or way out of town. Making a contribution to their travel expenses shows them that they are a really important part of your big day.


Be Flexible with Their Dresses

How would you feel if somebody else made all the decision about your wedding dress? Not all women like the same styles and colors when it comes to dresses, so help to make your bridesmaids feel special on the day by being flexible with their outfit choices. A woman is at her most beautiful when she is comfortable with what she is wearing!


Be Sensible with Their Footwear

Yes, seven-inch heels might look stunning in the photographs, but before you order your bridesmaids to squeeze in to potentially uncomfortable footwear, consider just how much running around they will be doing for you on the big day. It is vital that they go without blisters, so ask their opinions and let them wear stylish flats if they want!


Prepare a Schedule for Them

A wedding weekend can involve a lot of arrangements and mini events that might require the presence of bridesmaids. Before the weekend begins make absolutely sure that they know when and where they are needed. That way they will have a stress free experience which will in turn contribute to your peace of mind on the biggest day of your life.


Give Personalized Gifts

It is customary to give each bridesmaid a gift to commemorate the day and experience. To make them feel even more special on the wedding day try to give gifts that have somehow been personalized, either with their names, initials or something that is specific to your friendship with them.


Introduce Them at the Rehearsal Dinner

Make the effort to introduce your bridesmaids to the entire wedding party at some point before the big day, ideally at the rehearsal dinner. This will create a connection between them and all of your other extended family and friends, and make them feel an even more special and important part of the wedding.


Feed Them

There is nothing more dangerous than a hungry bridesmaid, whether it be the danger of fainting in the church or the threat of a starvation based argument! Your bridesmaids will be willing to do anything for you on your wedding day to make it as perfect as possible and will sometimes forget to look after themselves. Make sure they have a lot of food and drink throughout day to keep them happy and helpful!

Just because the name bridesmaid makes you think she is an unpaid servant for your big occasion, don’t make it be so. Keeping your bridesmaid happy and feeling appreciated will grease the wheels of a smooth wedding.

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Bridesmaids are a very special part of your wedding. Treat them like princesses

Very great wedding advice

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