Best Wedding Gift 7 Brothers Perform Epic Dance for Their Sister ...


*Fair warning!* This video is about to have you grinning for nine whole minutes! These seven brothers gave their sister the wedding gift of a lifetime: a dance that includes classics like "Circle of Life" from The Lion King, Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal," and Beyonce's "Single Ladies". Yeah, it's pretty epic.

"With only 6 hours of rehearsals, we put it together and put on a great show for her," they wrote on the video's description. "Great" is an understatement. Check it out:

The ending with "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" by One Direction? Perfect! What'd you think?

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Epic!!! I have one son and I can only hope he loves his sisters the way these beautiful men love theirs!

This is the sweetest thing ever!!!!

Not only was I grinning, I had tears!

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