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When you attend a wedding, even if it’s your own, you expect to see a flower or two. Flowers represent a lot of different things, besides just looking pretty. The colour of the flower portrays a certain mood and tone to the proceedings, for example. But how can you get flowers into your wedding without it being overly obvious? Here are a few innovative flower ideas for your wedding

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Table Flower Decor

Table Flower Decor I’m not just talking centrepieces. You can add flowers to each guest's plate as a token of gratitude or you can add pressed flowers to the table to act as a sort of confetti. The flattened flowers work better as they are dried, so they keep for a longer period of time. They also take up a lot less room on a table if you’re struggling for space.


Flowers down the Aisle

Flowers down the Aisle Some people will have a few small trees lighting the way to their loved one, but there is nothing stopping you from covering the isle with a million rose petals! Petals are nature’s confetti, use them wisely. You can also, if you wanted to, give out flowers to people as you pass them.


Flowers in Your Hair

Flowers in Your Hair Whether it is a simple daisy chain or a huge headpiece, flowers always look fantastic on a blushing bride. If your wedding is void of colour you can add some with some really punchy petals. A rose would look fantastic on anyone, but who can pull off a tiger lily? You can.


Outside Your Venue

Outside Your Venue Many brides focus so much on the inside of the wedding that they can totally forget about decorations for the outside as guests come in! Make sure there are lots of beautiful bunches outside, you can even have 2 large plants sat either side of your entrance to make a bold statement on your big day.


Flowery Arch Ways

Flowery Arch Ways A wedding arch is something that can be used both outside and inside. You can start with the arch outside as people walk into the venue and/or you can have one at the altar and get married below it. The best part of an archway is the variety of flower that can be used to decorate it. You can get really creative and use vine type plants such as roses or ivy.


Wedding Dress Florals

Wedding Dress Florals There is nothing to say that flowers have to stay in a pot, you can use them as gorgeous decoration for your wedding dress! Of course you have to bear in mind that the flowers won’t last forever, but if you get them fresh on the day they will last. You can go for a small bunch on the front or absolutely cover yourself in them, not advised however if you suffer from hay fever.


Flowers on Your Wedding Vehicle

Flowers on Your Wedding Vehicle I say vehicle because you never know what a bride will turn up in, it can start with a car but end up as a horse and carriage or even a motorbike! Whatever the mode of transport, you can make it more wedding esque by adding a few pretty perennials.

There are so many areas of your wedding flowers can be incorporated, think outside the box for unique floral ideas to create a style you are happy with.

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